Civil Services Exam: Stick to a routine, use time efficiently

Last Updated 01 May 2020, 10:46 IST

While Karnataka Public Service Commission has postponed different exams that were to be conducted in May including the preliminary examination for Group A and B Gazetted Probationers, due to Covid-19, there is no clarity on whether Union Public Service Commission will conduct Civil Services Examination on the notified date. If you are eagerly preparing for such competitive examinations, then you must be anxious, but remember, this is not the time to panic. Consider this to be a testing period of your resilience and patience.

The exams may or may not be postponed but they aren’t being cancelled. This only implies that the preparation should continue and not stop. Consider this to be nothing but some extra days to prepare for the exam.

As coaching institutes, libraries and study centers are closed, you may be finding it difficult to prepare. Follow these simple steps to continue your preparation and use the available time efficiently:

Stay focused: Your goal is to clear the exam. So, don’t be concerned about whether the exam is postponed or not. Continue to stick to your original plan, believe in yourself and prepare as if the exam is going to be held as scheduled. Even if it is postponed, use the extra time to overcome your shortcomings.

Make use of Internet: Make best use of the free online material which is abundantly available over the internet. Use YouTube videos and free online classes to continue your preparation from home. If you are yet to start preparing for the aptitude test (CSAT), this could be your golden opportunity to do so.

Solve test papers: Most importantly, continue with solving test papers, as this will greatly help to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Many coaching institutes provide ranking to help you understand where you stand among your peers. Even if you don’t score well, don’t be disheartened. Such tests will only help you to improve your performance.

Stick to a routine: Sometimes discipline is more effective than motivation. Prepare a routine for yourself and stick to it. Remember to include time for rest, family, fun and physical activities. It helps in the long run and also gives you the much needed break to freshen your mind. Most importantly, catch up on your sleep, not too much and nor too little. The right amount will do wonders.

Revise: Revision is what will set you apart from the rest. Revising important and frequently asked topics at least twice will help you retain information longer, make concepts clear and give you confidence to answer more questions in the examination. Revising the same day will greatly boost your memory.

Stay up to date: Devote some time specifically to cover current affairs, i.e. be thorough with new schemes and developments from January 2019 onwards.

Stay connected: Stay connected with your friends preparing for the same exam and also faculty members to take guidance when required.

Remember, any changes to the exam is applicable to everyone and not you alone. You have no control over it, but what you have control over is your preparation. So do not stop!

(The author is with NammaKPSC)

(Published 30 April 2020, 00:30 IST)

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