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Last Updated 15 August 2019, 05:39 IST

Content writing offers endless opportunities for everyone. Excellent writing skills will always be an asset whether you want to start your career, excel in the corporate world, or build a high-income online business.

The good thing is, anyone can learn to write well. Good reading habits and a flair for writing provides a good foundation upon which you can build your career. Thus, if you are ready to upgrade your skills and boost your earning potential, then consider content writing as your first option. Here are some benefits of a career in content writing.

Excellent writing skills lead to crisp thinking. Every job in the world requires well-structured, analytical thinking. Thus, if you are a good writer, you may help your colleagues in many ways. From writing persuasive emails, handling escalations and negotiating deals, to creating engaging presentations, you can help your colleagues with intellectual tasks. Thus, excellent writing skills can fast-track your way up the corporate ladder and help you accomplish your professional goals.

As a writer, you can work from home, make your own schedule, and work as much or as little as you please. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection. Excellent writing skills can help you build a sound and high profile without substantial initial investments.

Some writers choose to specialise in any one of the following streams:

Copywriter: Copywriters write short, crisp and persuasive content to convince the reader to take action. They are the voice behind all the ads you see on the internet and elsewhere. Copywriters usually charge from Rs 500-3000 per hour.

Technical writer: Since a subject matter expert (SME) may not be a good writer and a good writer may not be an SME, there is always a good demand for skilled technical writers. Technical writers charge anything between Re 1 to Rs 5 per word depending on their expertise.

Business writer: The task of business writers involves writing emails, business blogs and articles, web content, case studies, press releases, etc. As a freelance business writer, you tend to develop a direct writing style that helps in getting things done. Business writers charge anything between 50 paise to Rs 3 per word.

Academic writer: The market of freelance academic writing is booming due to the exponential growth of the e-learning industry and personalised assistance to students. Academic writers charge 50 paise to Rs 3 per word as their professional fee.

Blogging: If you have technical expertise in a particular field, then this is the best option to build a promising online business.

Start a blog, post quality content regularly, build an audience, and monetise the blog. It takes around six to nine months to generate significant income from a blog. Once you get an audience, there is no looking back.

Digital marketer: Content is the heart and soul of digital marketing. Most of the successful digital marketers are also good writers. Hone your writing skills if you want to achieve significant tangible results through your digital marketing efforts.

Published author: Becoming a published author was never so easy. There are plenty of free self-publishing tools that you can use to format and publish your books in minutes. All you need is a well-written draft that can resonate with your audience.

Professional content writing is entirely different from writing casual social media posts. Spare some time in understanding the business of content writing and digital marketing before you take the plunge. If required, join a professional content writing course that helps you acquire all types of writing skills and assists you in monetising your skills.

Remember, no matter what you do, written communication will always act as a catalyst in your success. Finally, as a writer, you have the potential to change the lives of millions of people through your engaging content.

(Published 15 August 2019, 05:35 IST)

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