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Last Updated 20 February 2019, 19:15 IST

Candidates prefer to pursue a dual degree as they think it is the best possible way to double the chances in today’s highly competitive market. Distinguishing yourself from the rest in the job market is the reason why students should look forward to studying and excel in two specialisations. This will give a great boost to their professional career.

A dual degree is a programme that helps students pursue two degrees simultaneously. This also helps individuals broaden their network and gain expertise in two subjects, making them eligible for a variety of careers. A dual degree programme is usually for two years. It includes all the major professional courses that can possibly come under a PGDM programme. The students can enrol themselves in the discipline of their choice. Some of the courses that can be pursued together are BTech and MTech, BTech and MBA, BBA and MBA, BTech and MS. In Business Management, Marketing and HR, Marketing and Operations, Finance and Marketing, Finance and Operations are generally studied together.

On that note, here is a list of reasons why you should opt for a dual specialisation:

Time saver: A dual degree makes candidates study two degrees in a short time span. It usually takes three to four years to complete a single degree, but in case of a dual degree, the candidate can complete two degrees in the same time period or even lesser. By this, you can save a year and use it to build co-curricular skills and sound technical knowledge to be an industry-ready workforce.

Employment opportunity: The prime reason why students look forward to getting a dual degree is that it results in increased employment opportunities. The performing companies give high preference to individuals who have expertise and skill in more than one field of study to handle multiple things simultaneously. The organisation recognises that the individual is capable and has a detailed understanding of both the disciplines which can have a positive effect on the business. Candidates with a dual degree have wide job prospects both nationally and internationally.

Career switch: If an individual is looking for a career change, a dual degree is extremely helpful in order to explore different areas and organisations. Moreover, the individual has the flexibility to select career preferences and be an expert in the domain.

Reduced cost of education: When it comes to a dual degree, the education cost is comparatively low as there is a reduction in the number of years you invest in studying. For instance, if an individual wants to pursue PGDM programme with finance and marketing, the time and cost are less compared with the individual cost of each degree. Moreover, the students with a double degree can begin their career nearly a year ahead of their counterparts.

In-depth knowledge: The dual degree offers specialisation of discipline, which helps the candidates fetch demanding jobs. For instance, if a student is planning to pursue a dual PGDM degree programme in HR and IT, the individual has a detailed and in-depth understanding of concepts in both disciplines. Many performing companies prefer to hire candidates with comprehensive skills.

Higher studies: After the successful completion of the dual degree, the individual is eligible to directly apply for higher pursuits like doctoral programmes. This will transform an individual into an excellent scholar with an exhaustive domain knowledge. After the completion of the degree, the skilled individual can apply for higher level jobs as well.

Better remuneration: Many multinational companies prefer to hire dual degree candidates as the individuals have exhaustive knowledge of two specialised fields. If you are planning to make a career switch, the dual degree can get you a promotion, along with a higher perk. It makes an individual always in demand as the company is in need of performers who can excel in multitasking.

Blending two disciplines: With a dual degree programme, the individuals need to divide their study time into two slots; each belonging to a particular subject. This way, students have a detailed understanding of two different subjects under the guidance of trained education providers and industry experts.

In short, you can experience a blend of two education disciplines in a shorter time period. For instance, if you are opting for a PGDM degree from a good institute, you get an in-depth knowledge of your specialisations along with management skills. Top companies give priority to students with a dual degree.

Optimal use of study time: Once you enrol for a dual degree programme, you can fully utilise the study hours. Planning for a double degree does not always mean double the study load. Being a part of the dual degree programme, you would be studying two disciplines at the same time.

Hence, you get to save one year of education and precious time. The study hours, class assignments and projects remain the same. In fact, the overload is less when we compare it with studying two separate degrees.
A dual degree programme is a sure-shot key to success. Studying and dealing with two subjects may be challenging. The benefits of a dual degree are high and it will expand your knowledge horizon, thus increasing your chances of getting selected in a good company. No doubt, a dual degree is an excellent way to gain the necessary exposure and knowledge in two different but complementary streams.

(Published 20 February 2019, 19:05 IST)

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