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Last Updated : 16 October 2019, 18:45 IST
Last Updated : 16 October 2019, 18:45 IST

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The concept of a globalised economy has brought in significant changes for an equitable world. However, intense pressure on limited natural resources has led to increased stress on the need for preserving the ecological integrity of the planet. Environment and sustainability have gained considerable importance as some of the most critical issues threatening the survival of life on earth.

The field of Energy and Environment Management requires worldwide supervisors with administrative, financial, legal, political and significant specialised skills. Additional experience of key basic leadership in business can be applied in the energy industry.

Broad exposure

Such a specific field of study gives a wise mix of hypothesis and practice and readies the students to meet the contemporary needs by giving the information of general administration and simultaneously enveloping different disciplines.

From extraction of oil to producing energy through various natural resources to devising new forms of sustainable or renewable energy, that include the likes of hydropower, solar power, tidal power and biofuels, the field encapsulates every facet. Filling this void in the Indian educational system are the courses that revolve around the field of energy and environment management. One of the courses that bridges this gap is the MBA in Energy & Environment rendered by the premier B-Schools of the country.

This is a speciality area that is as of now offering a plethora of opportunities in a field that is waiting to be tapped. Various institutes have shown a drive to train youthful experts who can be a resource for the industry. Understanding the existing need, institutes propelled this novel multiyear full-time programme that focusses on an integrated energy and environment programme, in the national and global setting to address the present needs of the businesses.

Additionally, an MBA programme in energy and environment aims at developing cutting-edge managerial competence for passionate students in the sector from an industry perspective. Some of the core courses trained in such a programme would include non-renewable energy sources, renewable energy, climate change, energy economics, carbon markets and financing, sustainability standards, business and natural capital management, energy audits and energy management, environmental impact assessment, energy analytics, sustainable marketing, etc.

In a digitalised economy, adopting new and innovative approaches to emerging problems is important. Courses related to energy management form the backbone of the programme and are particularly valued by the industry as it provides a greater understanding of building sustainable energy solutions.

Diverse approach

From a sustainability perspective, curriculum-related to sustainability standards and frameworks also finds favour, as this helps the corporate world in developing a holistic approach towards stakeholder requirements and shared value creation. Interestingly, most of the courses are also interdisciplinary in nature cutting across elements of energy, environment, water, waste management, social accountability and ethics making it a truly integrated programme.

This can be achieved through formal teaching methods and also bringing in a diverse set of pedagogical methods and tools including industry-relevant case studies in emerging areas of the energy and environment sector.

The industry is seeking skilled managers with competence in core technical disciplines like engineering and environmental sciences.

Current trends, both in India and overseas, suggest that diverse talent are recruited from this sector in disciplines e.g. renewable energy managers, carbon finance specialists, environmental risk management specialists, GIS analysts, energy auditors and managers, green building consultants, sustainability consultants, energy analysts, environmental consultants.

Studying from a reputed institute which offers a niche programme like energy and environment helps in integrating energy development and environment concerns, and equip aspiring global managers with managerial, economic, legal and relevant technical competence.

This integrated course serves to provide the crucial link between the world of technology, business and sustainable development. Students will, therefore, be able to have a complete idea of tackling complex issues from the perspective of energy security as well as forming linkages between environment resource use and global problems.

(The writer is Deputy Director of Energy and Environment, Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune)

Published 16 October 2019, 18:31 IST

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