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Last Updated : 16 October 2019, 18:45 IST
Last Updated : 16 October 2019, 18:45 IST

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Dear Madam,

I have done my MPharm in Industrial Pharmacy and have also done an MBA in HRM from IGNOU. I was working in the pharmaceutical industry for four years and later shifted to the FMCG Industry and was working in the R&D field. I resigned from services last year. I have a total of 12 years of experience: four years in pharma and eight years in the FMCG sector. Now I am not getting a job, as my educational knowledge is in Pharma but work experience is in the FMCG sector. I want to know how can I go to the US, UK or Australia to get a job in FMCG Industry. Is there any short-term course I should take up now? Can I get any other job?


Dear Vineeth,

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry is diverse and dynamic. Since it is a constantly evolving arena there is no dearth of career opportunities, in Management, Marketing and Finance. Your MBA in Human Resource and work experience in Research and Development will stand you in very good stead. In the US, the standard entry-level for a job in this sector is an MBA, which you have. Work experience in any line is always a plus. It puts you above the fresh graduates. In the United Kingdom, you have full-time and part-time short courses in Retail Management, Sales and Marketing. Regents University and the University of Arts London also offer courses like Luxury Brand Management.

The Australian Institute of Management also offers a number of courses online and on campus. It is always prudent to test your knowledge and skills in the country of employment to ensure that you understand how their market functions. You can pick more than one specialisation module for better job opportunities.

Dear Madam,

I have completed my engineering in electronics and communication. I am now planning for MBA programme in France. And I have an interest in Digital Marketing. Please suggest some good universities and colleges in Europe for Digital Marketing. And what is the IELTS cutoff for those universities?


Dear Pavan,

The INSEAD Business school, HEC Paris, ESSEC Business school, Grenoble Ecole de management are all leading Business Schools in France. The EDC Paris offers Specialised MBA in Digital Marketing. Germany is a good place for MBA programmes. Mannheim Business School, GISMA in Hanover, Munich Business school and EBS in Wiesbaden are some of the top schools here.

Again, working knowledge of the local language is necessary. The BI Norwegian Business school in Oslo is one of the best in Norway. The cut-off mark for IELTS is 6.5 and all bands should have scores above 5.5.

Dear Madam,

I am a Mechanical Engineer and I wish to pursue MS in the US. My scores are GRE: 149 Q 141 V; IELTS: 7; CGPA: 8.08. I am confused between Industrial Engineering and MS in Robotics and Automation. Considering job opportunities, I am preferring Industrial Engineering, but have an interest in Robotics. What should I opt for in spring 2020?

Mounick K M

Dear Mounick,

Career options in Industrial Engineering may seem more practical now, but Robotics Engineers are becoming a rage. There is a growing demand especially in the area of concept and design. With your Mechanical engineering background, you can choose to pursue MS in Industrial engineering or Robotics.

Some of the top universities for Industrial Engineering are the University of Michigan, University of California (Berkeley), Georgia Institute of Technology, Purdue University, Northwestern University and Virginia Tech. For Engineering in Robotics, you could consider University of Mechatronics and Robotics, New York, University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon for MS in Robotics. Your scores are fairly good and should not pose a problem. I suggest you visit official websites of the above institutes and understand the various programmes on offer.

Dear Madam,

I am studying in Class 10 and I aspire to become an astronaut. What are the qualifications required for the same? Which institutions offer these courses? When is it better to study abroad — for UG or PG?

Disha K

Dear Disha,

I like the fact that you know your mind and have already picked what you wish to do in the not so distant future. I suggest you focus on your 10th board and then work steadily towards the 12th board exams. Make sure you ace your Science and Mathematics papers and work on physical fitness. This is crucial.

To work towards becoming an astronaut you will need a bachelor’s degree in either mechanical engineering, physical science, computer science or mathematics. To answer the last part of your question, it depends on who is funding your study and how much money is on the line. Number of study years for an under graduate course is longer compared to the other.

Published 16 October 2019, 18:31 IST

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