Mahagathbandhan is the dream in Bihar's winds of change, feels Sonia Gandhi

Gandhi accused CM Nitish Kumar’s government of being “high on power and ego” which has plunged the state into a crisis
Last Updated 27 October 2020, 06:53 IST

Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday hit out at the NDA-led Bihar government, alleging that its actions were ‘questionable’ and pitched the RJD-Congress grand alliance as the “call of Bihar”.

In a brief video message ahead of the first phase of Bihar Assembly elections, Gandhi accused Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s government of being “high on power and ego” which has plunged the state into a crisis.

“Neither their saying nor doing is good. Labourers are helpless, farmers are anxious and youth are disappointed. The public is with Congress Mahagathbandhan and it is the call of Bihar,” Gandhi said in the video message shared by her son and former Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

She said the government in Bihar has gone astray and has deviated from its path.

“Bihar is in crisis today. Dalits, backward people are being subjected to continuous oppression. The governments in Bihar and the Centre are ‘bandi governments’. They only know 'notebandi', ‘taala bandi’ (lockdown), ‘vyapar bandi’ (restriction on trade), ‘aarthik bandi’ (economic blockade), ‘khet-khalihan bandi’ (restriction on agriculture) and ‘roti-rozgar bandi’ (difficulties in earning a living),” she said.

“The people of Bihar are now ready for developing a new Bihar for the next generation, for the next crop and against this ‘bandi’ government,” Gandhi said.

“Now, change is in the air. Change brings enthusiasm, energy, new ideas and power. Now is the time to set a new example,” the Congress President said.

Gandhi said Bihar was home to talent, quality, strength and the power to create, but was beset with unemployment, migration, inflation, starvation, which gave them tears and blisters.

“Words that can’t be said have to be said with tears. Governments and policies cannot be formed on basis of fear and crime,” she said.

Gandhi hailed Bihar as the mirror of India and hope which gave the entire nation the confidence. “Bihar’s farmers, youth, workers, brothers and sisters have spread across far corners of the country and the world. Today, the same Bihar, in its villages, towns, cities, farms, is ready for a change for its pride and future,” Gandhi said.

Seventy-one assembly constituencies of the total 243 seat in Bihar go for elections on Wednesday in the first phase of the staggered polls. The second and the third phase of elections are scheduled for November 3 and 7, respectively, while results will be declared on November 10.

(Published 27 October 2020, 06:41 IST)

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