I don't use power of movies to thrust message: Balki

I don't use power of movies to thrust message: Balki

Filmmaker R Balki says it is wrong to approach movies with an intention to bring about a social change and one should rather slip in a message in films packaged with entertainment.

"I firmly believe the moment you start treating movies (as a means) to create social messages, it's wrong.

"Movies are first for entertainment. You should use the power of entertainment to communicate social messages," Balki said onThursday at United Nations World Food Programme event at Facebook headquarters, here, where the new cinema advertisement campaign "Feed our Future" was launched.

The "Padman" director said if the audience gets a socially relevant take away while also being entertained, it's a job well done.

"Sometimes the nobility of the cause overpowers the very reason people come to see movies- which is entertainment. In the process, if they (audience) are sensitised to something, then good. That's the way I use the power of movies and never to thrust a message upon people. Cinema's power is entertainment."

The filmmaker said cinema as well advertising play a phenomenal role in making people think out of the box and suggested how a filmmaker can tackle the subject of hunger in a funny way too.

"When you say hunger you feel very emotional, you say 'Oh God, why is this happening in the world?' But you can also say let me tell you something about hunger which you never knew and then you pitch a product like that," he said.

"It's important for a campaign of this nature to sustain itself through very distinct ideas routinely- to have a relaunch every three or four months. The momentum should keep going so that it doesn't lose it," he added.

The 60-second cinema advertisement will run in over 30 countries starting in September. The campaign is in association with Sawa and UFO Moviez.