'Pathibeku.com' movie review: Matches are made in hell

'Pathibeku.com' movie review: Matches are made in hell

A still from 'Pathibeku.com'.

Film: Pathibeku.com 

Kannada (U/A)

Director: Rakesh 

Cast: Sheetal Shetty, Krishna Adiga, Harini Shreekanth

Star: Half star 

Comedy isn't an easy genre to execute. If the lack of logic baffles you at some points, it means the film is slipping into the silly zone. But when the entire product is deprived of sense, it's a disaster. Pathibeku.com is nothing but a disaster. 

The film, by Rakesh, begins well. Bhagya's (Sheetal Shetty) parents are worried about her marriage. The struggles of a young middle-class woman are aptly depicted. Bhagya, not a timid person, is downright annoyed by the dowry demands. We are promised of a relatable saga on arranged marriages. But the positives end there.

Because when you lack creativity, you end up frittering away a promising idea. Despite being subjected to ridiculous demands from parents of potential groom every time, Bhagya surprisingly shows great interest in arranged marriage. So much so that she even cons men on the road for money to meet the 'sky-high' cost of an Indian wedding.

The stupidity never ceases. Bhagya decides to try her luck with love marriages. But she is only focused on their salary packages and isn't interested in understanding the men. Just when she thinks her tough days are nearing an end, our heroine is heartbroken to find out the dark pasts of a couple of men. 

What does she do next? She contemplates a 'fraud marriage'. For that, Bhagya even decides to pretend like a blind person for a 'rich and handsome' guy who is keen on marrying a blind girl. Can this film get any weirder? 

For new composers in the industry, someone needs to take a class on the use of background score. The sound is ear-splitting. Your agony is only compounded by a director who assumes that his viewers are hard of hearing. Because Pathibeku.com is a loud film with every actor shouting at the top of their voices. 

Thankfully, director Rakesh empathises with the urgent need of the audience to walk out of the theatre and ends the film in a hurry. Sheetal's acting is the only saving grace here. Pathibeku.com is like a website that takes ages to load and eventually crashes. Ignore this link.

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