So who roughed up Komal?

The actor was drawn into a street brawl and assaulted earlier this week. Police suspect rivals in the film industry are masterminding attacks on his family
Last Updated 16 August 2019, 14:14 IST

Conspiracy theories are flying thick and fast after actor Komal Kumar was assaulted in what was reported as a road rage case.

The incident, on August 13, has left him bruised in the face.

A senior police officer involved in the investigation suspects the incident could be linked to a turf war within the film industry.

Komal's much-awaited Kempegowda 2 hit screens on August 9, the same day a much bigger film, Kurukshetra, was released in multiple languages.

Weeks before the movie's release, Komal had said bigwigs in the industry were trying to block his film, and pressuring him to postpone the release of Kempegowda 2.

“It is like someone roughing me up as I walk by myself on the footpath," he had said. “I am strong enough to face it.”

The assault came days after his assertion.

"What I meant was I was mentally strong to perform as an actor. I did not target anybody or project myself as the strongest man in the industry," he said, hastening to add that he hadn’t provoked anybody and “God knows the truth.”

Komal believes the street brawl has tarnished his image. "I've been in the industry for 26 years. I had never been a part of any controversy so far," he said.

The investigation has found Vijay, a resident of Jakkarayankere, instigated the actor.

Vijay approached Komal’s car when he was going home after dropping his daughter at a coaching class.

"Do you become Kempegowda just because you have acted in a film of that name? You think you are a big star?" Vijay yelled at Komal, according to the police officer.

A girl riding pillion on Vijay's bike started laughing at Komal, who then got out of his car and objected.

The idea was to provoke the actor and engage him in a brawl, police suspect.

Interestingly, during the interrogation, Vijay claimed he didn't know Komal or his occupation as an actor.

Komal's question: "He spoke about Kempegowda. How is it possible for him not to know?"

Over the years, Komal says he has preferred to drive rather than hire a driver.

Jaggesh's family has been repeatedly under attack.

On August 14, 2017, Jaggesh's son and actor Gururaj was stabbed in the thigh by a man after a road accident involving Gururaj’s car.

The attack took place when Gururaj was on his way to drop his son to school in RT Nagar. He got nine stitches on his left thigh.

Police are trying to find out if the two attacks were masterminded by the same group.

100-plus films

Komal made his debut as the second lead in Super Nann Maga (1992). He has acted in about 100 films in comedy roles. His first film as hero was Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi (2009).

Attacks on Vinod Raj

On February 8, 2009, actor Vinod Raj and his mother Leelavathi were travelling in a Toyota SUV near Shantala Circle in Majestic when something hit a window and broke it.

A murder attempt was suspected. However, police concluded a pebble had ricocheted from a car tyre and hit the window.

Vinod Raj was heading to judge a Zee TV dance show when the incident occurred.

About three weeks before the incident, Jaggesh had criticised some TV channels for their choice of dance show judges. The first and only artiste in Sandalwood who knew anything about the dance was Vinod Raj, he had said.

In 2006, Vinod Raj's car was pelted with stones near Motimahal Hotel in Gandhinagar.

In 1996, a man was caught with a gun at Vinod Raj’s farmhouse near Soladevanahalli, Nelamangala. The actor got a gun licence after the incident.

Not drunk: Komal

Komal is outraged by some reports that said he was involved in a drunken street brawl.

“I'm hurt by those false charges. I wasn't drunk. I shed 24 kg for the role of a tough cop for Kempegowda 2. This became possible due to a strict diet. How can I drink when I am following a diet?" he told Showtime.

(Published 16 August 2019, 13:56 IST)

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