A tongue-in-cheek appeal for amity

A tongue-in-cheek appeal for amity

A scene from Ondalla Eradalla

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)

Director: Satya Prakash

Language: Kannada (U)

Film: Ondalla Eradalla

Cast: Prabhudeva Hosadurga, Sai Krishna Kudla, MK Mutt, Anand Neenasam, Nagabhushan, Ramzaan Saab Ullaagaddi, Sandhya Arakere, Usha Ravishankar

Pitchedforked into celebrity status after the success of Rama Rama Re, director Satya Prakash has ensured that he is no haste to cash in on his success.

Having allowed his success to sink in, he makes a return with Ondalla Eradalla, with a theme that is topical and relevant.

Ondalla Eradalla is an evocative and educative tale with a lot of homilies threaded in.

Inspired by the folk tale Punyakoti that revebrates in every household, Satya Prakash cleverly juxtaposes the ancient story with a modern day setting, in which cow vigilantes are making headlines across country.

Set in a quaint little town called Pete, Satya Prakash's acumen is conveyed through a well-knit, thoughtful screenplay and subtle mise-en-scene.

Telling the story of a seven-year-old Muslim boy called Sameera and his calf Bhanu, the very fabric of innocence is tested through the various characters who populate the film.

When Bhanu goes missing, Sameera's world comes crashing, and in the adventure that ensues, Ondalla Eradalla points out the futility of selfishness and shows how as we grow older, we lose our innocence and turn prejudicial.

Ondalla Eradalla is a film to indulge in with its child-like warmth and nuggets of wisdom, and deserves a weekend outing for the family, especially kids. Mast maja madi!