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Last Updated : 03 June 2023, 20:30 IST

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Drop Of The Last Cloud

Sangeetha G

Ukiyoto, pp 258, Rs 300

This novel is about the women of the matrilineal homes of erstwhile Travancore. The story begins with the floods of 1924 and captures a period of turmoil in the kingdom’s history.

Mister Mister

Guy Gunaratne

Hachette, pp 384, Rs 899

In this eagerly awaited new novel by the award-winning author, a young man insists on telling his story in his own defiant, incendiary words.

The Chariot Of Wisdom

Subramania Bharati and Gregory James (translator)

Hachette, pp 288, Rs 499

In this seminal work, the author’s only novella, a vexed journalist, plagued by material worries and the daily attrition of the 20th century British-occupied India, escapes into a daydream to realms mystical and unexplored.

The Stolen Necklace

Shevlin Sebastian and V K Thajudeen

HarperCollins, pp 264, Rs 399

This might seem to be about a small crime in a small town, but it is ultimately the story of a common man who fought the system and pulled off a miraculous victory.

Elephantam Misophantam

Vinoy Thomas and Nandakumar K (translator)

Eka, pp 120, Rs 250

This is the story of two brothers: Lightning Tusker, the bravest young elephant in the forest, and Tuskless Tusker, written off by everyone as a lost cause. It’s also a story about friendship and courage.

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