Bookrack for the week (Jan 9 to Jan 15)

New releases of the week (Jan 9 to Jan 15)
Last Updated 08 January 2022, 20:15 IST

Trumpet Calls

Nalini Ramachandran

Hachette India
pp 200, Rs 350

Drawing from contemporary accounts, world history, and mythologies, this book, peppered with fascinating facts and gorgeous illustrations, explores the complex relationship between elephants and humans across the ages.

Savi And The Memory Keeper

Bijal Vachharajani

Hachette India
pp 248, Rs 350

This is a funny, thoughtful novel about climate change, loss, and the power of Nature as a source of healing and magic.

The Girl In The Glass Case

Devashish Sardana

pp 344, Rs 250

A jealous psychopath is hunting another serial killer to regain the lost limelight. A feisty young detective is caught in the crossfire. Can she end the carnage before she joins the body count?

What’s Left Of The Jungle

Nitin Sekar

pp 360, Rs 799

Through the story of Akshu, of his childhood destitution, family tragedies, romantic pursuits, entanglements with poachers and smugglers, and his tumultuous rise out of poverty — this book unravels the complex affection that rural Indians have for jungle wildlife.

Battle of Vathapi: Nandi’s Charge

Arun Krishnan

Garuda Prakashan
pp 507, Rs 499

In this first book of the Battle of Vathapi series, author Arun Krishnan takes us through the riveting tale of preparations on the Pallava side for an eventual campaign against Pulikeshi and the Chalukyas.

(Published 08 January 2022, 19:35 IST)

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