DH Education: All fields have good demand

DH Education: All fields have good demand

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All fields have good demand

Dear Sir,

I am working as a software developer in a reputed company. I always wanted to pursue a career in cybersecurity and hacking and join elite agencies like CBI. Could you let me know what steps I should take next? Should I pursue a Master’s degree in India or abroad? Could you also provide information about the exams I would need to take to join such agencies?



Dear Arvind,

For any government job, it is always better to have degrees from Indian universities recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Many of them offer a postgraduate degree in cybersecurity if you are a qualified engineer. Once you complete the course you can decide whether you would like to take up a private or government job. Since these posts are rarely up for recruitment, you will have to keep watching the official website of Union Public Service Commission (www.upsc.gov.in) for announcements. Then they have an entrance test and interview based on which selection is done. On the other hand, private sector jobs are steadily increasing and you can also consider that alternative.


Dear Sir,

I am a PUC I Science student and I am interested in pursuing Aeronautical engineering. However, my friends tell me that there is no scope for Aeronautical engineering in India. Could you let me know about its scope?

A Student


Dear Student,

The scope is very unpredictable, and anyway, you will be able to live in any city and work for a company in any country by the time you graduate. What you need to ensure is that you study in a reputed institution, maintain good grades, and be genuinely interested in your learning, beyond what is taught in textbooks.

If you are passionate about your field, do some useful internships, learn from all sources, and acquire good qualifications, job and money will not be a constraint. Aeronautics is an evergreen field as more and more people globally will be travelling by air, hence there is no reason why efficient professionals in that field will not find good jobs.


Dear Sir,

My son is studying in Class 7 in a school that follows the  International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) board. Everyone says we should change his board to ICSE or CBSE, as there is no future for IGCSE in the Indian scenario. What is the future of IGCSE in India? The pattern of studies is open and good but considering his future, I need some clarity. Please guide.



Dear Ashwin,

I often wonder at the competency of the “everyone” you refer to, who gives you armchair advice without being knowledgeable in the field. Please consult only those who are experts and at the same time neutral (without any bias or self-interest). IGCSE is a good board of study for students who have an exploratory nature, who wish to understand concepts and do their own thinking, who do not want to be constrained to rote learning.

Of course, all-India entrance exams like JEE, NEET, and CLAT are based on the CBSE syllabus, so if your son is planning to go through any of them, then it is better for him to study CBSE. If you wish you can even let your son study IGCSE or ICSE till Class 10, get a strong foundation and a better understanding of concepts, and then switch over to CBSE when he enters Class 11. He will not have any academic difficulty in changing syllabus if he is an above-average student.


Dear Sir,

I am an eighth-semester
engineering student. Though I am passionate about animation as a
career, I could not take it up due to lack of support and personal courage. However, I am currently attending animation classes alongside my classes. I have also got offers from two companies. Now, I am confused as to what I should do next. Should I work for two years and then pursue animation or if I get placed in an animation company now, should I go for it?

A Student


Dear Student,

If you are very sure that you are a creative person and will be able to do well in the design sector, and if you do not need your salary then you can aspire to get into a Masters course in Design in a reputed institution like IIT Bombay, NID, DSK, Srishti etc. The earlier you move into a career you like, the better will be your growth.

Your engineering knowledge will be an asset and there are very good opportunities for those who get into animation, web-page design, app or game design etc. But do show your work and get your talent assessed by an expert in the field who will be able to assure you that you have the basic skills and aptitude.


Dear Sir,

I am a Class 11 Science student with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology as my electives. I am confused as to what to pursue after  Class 12 and I am not interested in pursuing Engineering or Medicine. Please suggest a field that has a good demand.



Dear Pallavi,

Any field has a ‘good demand’ if you are good at your work. It is more important that you look inward, find out your strengths.

Career selection should be done by first fixing long-term goals since you are going to work at least 40-50 years in your chosen profession. Then you need to work backward to decide which degrees and courses will get you into that field. It should be done on the basis of a combination of interest, subjects you are good at, personality traits, multiple intelligences, social and commercial skills, concentration and memory, lifestyle preferences, and potential to develop skills (which we refer to as aptitude).

If you are unable to do the above exploration by yourself, consult elders who are knowledgeable and can guide you properly. If even that is not available to you, then you can go for an aptitude test and assessment process with a professional in your city.


Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class 12. I am interested in Earth Science. I first thought I would do a degree in Engineering and later do a Master’s course in Earth Science. But now, I have found out that some universities abroad offer a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Earth Systems Science. Is it the same as Earth Science? Would it be better to do Earth Science as an undergraduate degree or as a Master’s degree? Please guide.



Dear Disha,

You first need to take a call whether you would like to do your basic degree in India or abroad, since the education system is different, and so is the cost factor.

If you are going to study in India then you can take up Environmental Engineering, which is offered by many universities. You can also explore getting into pure science course in reputed institutions like IISc, IISER, IITs, NITs, BITS, etc, and specialise after your degree, either by studying in India or going abroad.

If you wish to study abroad for an undergraduate degree, you should start exploring the universities right now, prepare and appear for SAT, IELTS etc. Most western universities are flexible in allowing you to choose subjects, and even changing one or two later if you find something better.

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