In fitness, change is the only constant

Miten Kakaiya lists out five changes that you would experience when you start a regular workout
Last Updated : 19 March 2022, 19:15 IST

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It’s no secret that everyday exercise helps you get more fit. As your body changes with a regular workout, you feel physically better — but the truth is, the benefits go even beyond that! So, in addition to a fit body and a healthy mind, what other benefits do you stand to gain from regular, dedicated exercise?

More control over your weight

Regular exercise doesn’t just help you burn fat — it also helps boost your metabolism and improves muscle mass. An increased metabolic state means your body will burn more calories when you’re in a resting state as well. This means you not only drop the pounds but also successfully keep them off. Remember, any activity is better than no activity — so whether it’s a home workout, a run or a session at the gym, every little bit adds up and helps in the long run.

Improved mood

Whether it’s an emotional pick-me-up or mental break, exercise is a great way to de-stress after a stressful day. But did you know that regular exercise helps stimulate the brain and releases chemicals that help improve your mood, leaving you more relaxed and less anxious? Furthermore, a fit body ensures you also feel better about your physical appearance which helps boost your confidence and gives a boost to your self-esteem too. Win-win, overall, don’t you think?

Better heart health

The importance of a healthy heart cannot be overstated. And the best bit about regular exercise is that it helps give renewed energy to your cardiovascular system.
Remember, when you exercise, you need more oxygen. As your heart rate goes up in a bid to pump more blood and increase oxygen circulation, your heart will
inevitably grow in size in a few months from extensive and intense pumping of blood. This improves circulation all over your body and most importantly, reduces the risk of heart diseases.

More energy

Ever wondered how after spending a whole day lazing in bed, you still feel tired at the end of it? That’s because the human body was made to move. One of the best
benefits of exercise is that it automatically gives you more energy every day. Stronger muscles and an efficient cardiovascular system ensure your stamina levels go up — which helps boost endurance and allows you to power through the day with ease.

Better sleep

At the end of the day, one thing is clear — there’s nothing better than a full night’s restful sleep. Your body heals, refuels and recuperates when it sleeps, and regular
exercise helps you to not just fall asleep faster but ensures you get better, deeper sleep too. Sleep also repairs your body post workouts, so it all works hand in hand. More exercise = better sleep; better sleep = a healthy body.

(The author is a fitness coach.)

Published 19 March 2022, 18:59 IST

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