Quick Take: Meghna Pant

A fun chat with the writer, journalist, speaker and feminist.
Last Updated : 16 February 2019, 19:30 IST

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Meghna Pant is an author who wears several hats with elan. She is a journalist, speaker, and a feminist, too. Her novels, short stories and non-fiction comprising One & A Half Wife, Happy Birthday, The Trouble With Women, and Feminist Rani have been received well by both critics and readers. This author, whose long list of awards and accolades is noteworthy, was born in Shimla, and pursued her education in India and abroad. Her graduation in Economics was followed by an MBA in Finance, and a Masters in International Management. Starting her career in the field of Corporate Finance, she soon moved to being a business journalist, and a TV anchor. She writes for several newspapers and magazines of repute, while her short stories have appeared in various national and international literary magazines.

Her latest book is How to Get Published in India, while her forthcoming title is The Holy 100.

Excerpts from an interview:

Idea behind ‘How to Get Published in India’…
To lighten the aspiring writer’s struggle.

In two words, getting published in India is...

Tough & confusing.

What about writing excites you?

Playing God to create mini-worlds that didn’t exist before.

Your favourite child – short stories or novels or non-fiction?

Short stories.

Inspiration for your writing?

Life… if only we pause to listen.

Your literary influences...

Any good story.

You idolise...

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

You are most proud of writing...

My debut novel, One & A Half Wife, because that’s the first time I recognised myself as a writer.

Your favourite book...

Dear Life by Alice Munro.

Your current read...

Jasmine Days by Benyamin.

Feminism, according to you...

Men and women fighting patriarchy together.

What is the last thing you read that made you laugh out loud?

My brother’s (stand-up comedian Sorabh Pant) jokes.

These are a few of your favourite things...

My baby, my books, my million battles, my million blessings.

You always carry...

My dreams & my goals.

Your idea of happiness...

Evolving with my writing & experiences.

Your greatest fear...

That I don’t have enough time to write all the books I want to write.

Your life, in two words...

My way.

If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be?

Sarojini Naidu for walking tall among men at a time when women didn’t.

Any regrets?

I wish I wrote at a time when it was not the Kali Yuga of literature and good books took notability over good marketing.

Your favourite place in the world?

My bed, where I write.

Your impression of India...

Too many Bharats in one India.

Published 16 February 2019, 19:30 IST

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