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Love Knows no LOC
Arpit Vageria
Penguin, 2019, pp 288, Rs 175
In Pakistan, Zoya is sulking, rethinking her ties
with Kabeer. In India, a confused Kabeer is still hopeful of meeting Zoya. As their relationship
is put to the test in the wake of mounting tensions between the two countries, they stumble across
a long-buried truth that will forever change the course of their lives.

Grit, Gravel and Gear
Dhruv Bogra
The White Place, 2019, pp 387, Rs 499
Through 22 stories, the author lives the journey of adventure and peril as he plunges into the far end
of the planet to fulfil a childhood aspiration to explore the lands and indigenous cutures of the Arctic, the Maya,
the Zapotec & Aztec in Mexico etc.

Seanan McGuire
Penguin, 2019, pp 288, Rs 175
Roger knows the power of stories. His sister, Dogder, knows the power of numbers.
And Reed, skilled in the alchemical arts, is their father, but not quite. But he has a plan: to raise the twins
to the highest power, to ascend with them and claim their authority as his own.

Thou Shalt Innovate
Avi Jorisch
Gefen Pub House, 2019, pp 266, Rs 1,000
This non-fiction profiles wondrous Israeli innovations that are collectively changing
the lives of billions of people around the world and explores why Israeli innovators
of all faiths feel a compulsion to make the world better.

The Editor
Steven Rowley
Penguin, 2019, pp 320, Rs 1,587
After years of trying to make it as a writer in 1990s New York City, James Smale finally sells his novel to an editor at a major
publishing house: none other than Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
Their unlikely freindship leads to the revealing of a family secret and a possible sleight of hand.

Masters at work
Howie Kahn
Simon and Schuster, 2019, pp 144, Rs 1,002
Weaves of practical know-how through case studies and the author’s own experiences of
being in the field make up this guide, meant for anyone who wishes to tread this thrilling path.
It also sheds light on those who fight for justice and change the lives of others forever.

Ted Chiang
Knopf, 2019, pp 368, Rs 413
Nine stories explore mankind’s oldest questions along with new quandaries only he can imagine.
In Exhalation, an alien scientist makes a shocking discovery with ramifications that are universal.
In The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate, a portal forces a fabric seller in Baghdad to grapple with his past.

The McMahon Line
J J Singh
Harper Collins, 2019, pp 441, Rs 799
The McMahon line, drawn along the Himalayas at the Simla Convention of 1913-14,
demarcating what would in later years become the effective boundary between China and India,
is the subject here. The author analyses its repercussions for contemporary times.

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