Govt school gets a new lease of life

Govt school gets a new lease of life

Students take part in sports activities at Government Higher Primary School at Vaikuntapura.

With the efforts of old students, the Government Higher Primary School at Vaikuntapura in Sringeri taluk has received a new lease of life. 

The Vaikuntapura School Revival Committee has stood behind the development of the school under the leadership of President H G Vivekananda and old student Y C Shankarananda. 

To attract the school for children, preschool education has been started in January. All the schoolchildren have been given identity cards, diary and other facilities. The school has five teachers, including the head teacher. 

At present, a total of 28 students are pursuing their studies in the school from first to the seventh standard. There are eight children in LKG and UKG. The students no longer remain absent to the classes,  head teacher Puttappa said. 

Arrangements have been made to teach computer, spoken English, music, chess and cricket to the children. Trainers have been appointed to train the children. A postgraduate teacher has been appointed to teach kids in the LKG and UKG. In addition, a woman has been appointed to clean the toilets. 

Shankarananda said, "I have settled in my native place after leaving my job in a private firm at Singapore. My grandfather, father and I studied in the same school. It is very hurting to see dwindling of the children in the school. Hence, we decided to give a new lease of life to the school, to attract children and ensure that the school does not close down." 

Further, he said, "We visited all the households in the village and persuaded the parents to admit their children to the school. The school will not compromise on quality. My wife Ashwini teaches English to children. BSNL former employee Bharathi teaches spoken English to the kids. Nandakumar teaches chess and Kala teaches music to kids." 

He said, "The students have learnt to type in Computer. They know the usage of English words and actively take part in sports."