Highlights: RCB v CSK | RCB steal thriller

Here's a recap of our live coverage of the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings.
  • 23:52

    What a game we have witnessed! RCB win by just the one run, but we got to stand up and applaud the 84 not out MS Dhoni smashed of just 48 balls. He kept his cool even when the required run rate jumped over 25, and made every heartbeat race.

    In the end, RCB ran out as winners due to a a brilliant run out from Parthiv Patel.

    It was a nerve-wracking contest, indeed. That's all from me, Akarshak Roy. Hope you enjoyed this coverage.

    Do tune in tomorrow as another potential thriller between RR and DC awaits us. Until then, good bye.

  • 23:45

    RCB win the match by a run

    19.6 Last ball, 2 required, he misses! And they run! Parthiv hits! Is that out? They win by a run! Wow, what a finish!!

    19.5 Yadav to Dhoni, OH WOW! Mahendra Singh Dhoni is at his divine best! This was impossible, wasn't it? He' deposited a third six in this over

    19.4 Yadav to Dhoni, well bowled, they run two runs! What a story this has turned out to be!

    19.3 Yadav to Dhoni, ANOTHER SIX! He's a champion, this man! He's doing it all by himself.

    19.2 Yadav to Dhoni, that is out of Chinnaswamy! Fetch that! He's picked the bones out of that!

    19.1 Yadav to Dhoni, pulled away for FOUR!

  • 23:38

    136/7 after 19 overs

    Chennai Super Kings require another 26 runs with 3 wickets and 6 balls remaining.

    18.6 Saini to Bravo, he's GONE! Top edged, straight to Parthiv

    18.5 Saini to Dhoni, single taken, Bravo has a ball to prove his hard-hitting abilities

    18.4 Saini to Dhoni, struck to long off, doesn't want to take the single

    18.3 Saini to Dhoni, FREE HIT, hit down the ground, they run a quick double

    18.3 Saini to Dhoni, NO BALL + SIX! This is brilliant stuff, he just cut it away behind point for a big one!

    18.2 Saini to Dhoni, pulled away but no single again

    18.1 Saini to Dhoni, he refuses to take the single

  • 23:32

    126/6 after 18 overs

    Chennai Super Kings require another 36 runs with 4 wickets and 12 balls remaining

    17.6 Steyn to Bravo, lofted just in front of deep midwicket, couple of runs

    17.5 Steyn to Dhoni, whiplash pull shot, one run taken

    17.4 Steyn to Dhoni, he's sent that one out of the ground! The length was decent, but Dhoni expected it, got to position and hammered it over midwicket!

    17.3 Steyn to Bravo, missed out there! It was drifting on to his pads, and fine leg was up. One run, however.

    17.2 Steyn to Bravo, two runs, hits hit to his favourite cover region

    17.1 Steyn to Dhoni, helped to extra cover, one run

  • 23:26

    113/6 in 17 overs

    Chennai Super Kings require another 49 runs with 4 wickets and 18 balls remaining.

    16.6 Saini to Dhoni, down the ground for one

    16.5 Saini to Dhoni, slashed, and slashed hard! Behind third man for four!

    16.4 Saini to Dhoni, RUN OUT! That's highly uncharacteristic of these two! They called for the run, they refused, but Jadeja continued to run from the non striker's end, and as a result, he's unfortunately run out by Saini

    16.3 Saini to Jadeja, one run, attempts a cover drive, but cannot find the gap

    16.2 Saini to Jadeja, fierce pull shot, Negi does well on the boundary after an initial midfield, two runs

    16.1 Saini to Jadeja, leg stump line, no room given, dot ball as he finds midwicket

  • 23:21

    105/5 after 16 overs

    Chennai Super Kings require another 57 runs with 5 wickets and 24 balls remaining

    15.6 Chahal to Dhoni, steps a couple of feet ahead and hits it over the bowler's head for SIX! Boy, that was required.

    15.5 Chahal to Dhoni, not giving away anything, Dhoni helps it down the leg side, takes 2 runs

    15.4 Chahal to Jadeja, firmly struck down the ground, one run

    15.3 Chahal to Jadeja, googly, cut away to the deep, aslight misfield results in a couple

    15.2 shorter delivery, pulls his length back, Dhoni clips it off his pads for a run

    15.1 Chahal to Jadeja, slapped back past, one run

  • 23:14

    92/5 after 15 overs

    Another sound over from Stoinis, CSK are vying for a big over here. The length was away from the slot, and thus, neither batsmen could free their arms.

    Chennai Super Kings require another 70 runs with 5 wickets and 30 balls remaining.

  • 23:10

    86/5 after 14 overs

    Chennai Super Kings require another 76 runs with 5 wickets and 36 balls remaining

    13.6 Chagal to Jadeja, hit powerfully down the ground, one run

    13.5 Chahal to Jadeja, dot ball

    13.4 Chahal to Jadeja, on the stumps, the shot finds short midwicket

    13.3 Chahal to Dhoni, uses his feet but doesn't strike it, one run

    13,.2 Chahal to Jadeja, slaps it down the ground for one

    13.1 Chahal to Rayudu, and he's cleaned him up! That's right through the gates, miminal turn on that one. This is intelligent bowling.

  • 23:03

    83/5 after 13 overs

    Chennai Super Kings require another 79 runs with 6 wickets and 42 balls remaining

    12.6 Yadav to Rayudu, opens his face and takes a single

    12.5 Yadav to Rayudu, outside off, launched over covers for FOUR!

    12.4 Yadav to Dhoni, helped to the leg side for one

    12.3 Yadav to Rayudu, opens his face at the last moment, deep point has work to do, one run

    12.2 Yadav to Rayudu, slams it to the wide of long on for SIX!

    12.1 Yadav to Rayudu, short ball, Rayudu dances down the wicket and tries to heave it, but misses

  • 22:58

    70/4 after 12 overs

    11.6 Chahal to Rayudu, again worked off his pads, one run

    11.5 Chahal to Rayudu, dot ball, well defended

    11.4 Chahal to Rayudu, that is an absolute beauty! It pitchedon middle and leg and ended up on the fourth stump line, off the perfect length! Parthiv Patel dislodges the stumps, and from here, it sppears as though Rayudu's leg is raised. The benefit of the doubt goes to him.

    11.3 Chahal to Dhoni, worked on the leg side, another run taken

    11.2 Chahal to Rayudu, shorter, googly, whipped away for a run

    11.1 Chahal to Dhoni, pulled in front of the wicket, one run

  • 22:53

    66/4 after 11 overs

    Chennai Super Kings require another 96 runs with 6 wickets and 54 balls remaining

    10.6 Stoinis to Dhoni, slower one, full and straight, hit to long on, one run

    10.5 Stoinis to Rayudu, another flick to the leg side, one run

    10.4 Stoinis to Dhoni, single, flicked in front of square

    10.3 Stoinis to Dhoni, lofted over covers from down the pitch, SIX runs!

    10.2 Stoinis to Dhoni, no runs again

    10.1 Stoinis to Dhoni, dot ball, pushed firmly but straight to the fielder

  • 22:48

    57/4 after 10 overs

    9.6 Chahal to Dhoni, pushed to covers, one run claimed

    9.5 Chahal to Rayudu, on the fontfoot, nudged to long on, one run

    9.4 Chahal to Rayudu, the ball hurried on to him, dot ball

    9.3 Chahal to Dhoni, late cut, one run

    9.2 Chahal to Dhoni, that's the straighter one, Dhoni pushes himself to the backfoot and hits it straight to midwicket, no run

    9.1 Chahal to Rayudu, stock delivery, cut away for a run

  • 22:42

    53/4 after 9 overs

    8.6 Stoinis to Dhoni, hit back to the bowler, no run

    8.5 Stoinis to Dhoni, what a shot! That's the whiplash pull shot, the one often carried out by Virender Sehwag

    8.4 Stoinis to Dhoni, wicket-to-wicket stuff, dot ball

    8.3 Stoinis to Rayudy, effortlessly glided to third man

    8.2 Stoinis to Dhoni, leg bye, they snatch a close single, could easily have been a run out. That was mighty close!

    8.1 Stoinis to Rayudu, one run, pats it towards cover for a run

  • 22:34

    46/4 after 8 overs

    7.6 Negi to Rayudu, pushed to midwicket for a single

    7.5 Negi to Dhoni, rotates strike, takes the run

    7.4 Negi to Dhoni, flighted delivery, misses the outside edge by a fine margin, dot ball

    7.3 Negi to Dhoni, down the leg side, unortdox paddle, slapped to fine leg for four

    7.2 Negi to Dhoni, well bowled, hit back to the bowler

    7.1 Negi toRayudu, nudged for a single

  • 22:27

    32/4 after 6 overs

    Umesh Yadav steamed in to bowl, and responded with another wicke to leave CSK in a huge spot of bother.

    The mini-battle between him and Jadhave started with a couple of dots, but the batsman then smashed a boundary. The very next ball, he got a little but hurried onto the delivery, and top edged it.

  • 22:22

    23/3 after 5 overs

    Dale Steyn came back to bowl his third.

    In his very first delivery, he caught the pads of the batsman, and Kohli used the referral.

    There were a couple of singles to follow, but this over, once again, went to Steyn's favour.

    The last ball was another brilliant outswinging delivery, but it was hit for four.

  • 22:14

    17/3 after 4 overs

    3.6 Yadav to du Plessis, he's gone! He has thrown his wicket away. Simple catch for ABD; the ball went high up in the sky.

    3.5 Yadav to du Plessis, four legbyes, that was swinging but it was just off line

    3.4 Yadav to du Plessis, flicked off his toes, but straight to mid wicket, no run

    3.3 Yadav du Plessis, driven to midoff for no run

    3.2 Yadav to du Plessis, HOW HAS THAT NOT RATTLED THE STUMPS? It was an absolute peach from Yadav, and it did nick the stump as well, but these spooky bails just refuse to go off at times

    3.1 Yadav to du Plessis, misses an attempted punch to the offside

    3.1 Umesh Yadav to du Plessis, wide

  • 22:03

    7/2 after 2 overs

    1.4-1.6 Saini to Rayudu, three dots balls, cautiously defends

    1.3 Saini to du Plessis, straight driven to mid on, one run

    1.2 Saini to du Plessis, punched off the back foot, no run

    1.1 Saini to du Plessis, beautifully driven but straight to point

  • 21:56

    Start of the CSK innings - 6/2 after 1 over

    0.6 Steyn to Raina, YOU BEAUTY! Oh, my goodness me! You cannot keep that one out. Raina's gone, the off stump has toppled over, that was next to unplayable!

    0.5 Steyn to Watson, GONE! The ball was always swinging away, and Watson edges it to Stoinis, who makes no mistake at first slip

    0.4 Steyn to Watson, uses the pace, finds the square leg boundary, FOUR!

    0.3 Steyn to du Plessis, placed to third man, one run

    0.2 Steyn to du Plessis, outswing, hit straight to cover

    0.1 Steyn to Watson, sumpuous outswing, Watson blocks, takes a run

  • 21:38

    End of the RCB innings; 161/7 after 20 overs

    19.6 Bravo to Umesh, yorker, somehow tucked away to midwicket, one run

    19.5 Bravo to Ali, doesn't get hold of it at all, Bravo has the last laugh as long off takes it

    19.4 Bravo to Ali, a four again! This is spectacular, carved through the offside

    19.3 Bravo to Ali, swing and a miss, Dhoni appeals but it's far away from the edge

    19.2 Bravo to Ali, brilliant use of the field, he places it past point

    19.1 Bravo to Ali, swings it over the bowler's head, but due to the lack of pace, doesn't get the boundary, they run two

  • 21:35

    150/6 after 19 overs.

    Deepak Chahar removes Pawan Negi, who didn't pick the slower one and edged it to backward point.

  • 21:25

    140/5 after 18 overs

    17.6 Thakur to Ali, flicked away for a run

    17.5 Thakur to Ali, wide

    17.5 Thakur to Negi, short of a length, one run

    17.4 Thakur to Negi, tries to run it down thirdman but misses

    17.3 Thakur to Ali, down the leg side, another pull shot, but this time finds the fielder, one run

    17.2 Thakur to Ali, stand and deliver! He just stands his ground and pulls it away emphatically for four

    17.1 Thakur to Ali, dot ball

  • 21:20

    131/5 after 17 overs

    15.6 Tahir to Negi, full and straight, Negi flicks it for one

    15.5 Tahir to Moeen Ali, tucked away on the on side, one run

    15.4 Tahir to Moeen, delicate touch down fine leg, FOUR!

    15.3 Tahir to Stoinis,OUT! and that's a repeat of what Colin Munro did last night. Take a bow, Faf du Plessis! That is superb catching, impeccable vody balance and presence of mind at the boundary line. Just before he fell past the rope, he threw it to the long on fielder.

    16.2 Tahir to Stoinis, left by him, assumed it was a wide, dot ball

    16.1 Tahir to Stoinis, powerfully down the ground, long on does well, they run two

  • 21:10

    124/4 after 16 overs

    15.6 Bravo to Ali, splendid again, fuller length, dot ball

    15.5 Bravo to Ali, brilliant, absolutely brilliant. He has executed the slower ball yorker to near perfection, dot ball

    15.4 Bravo to Patel, he's GONE! Bravo's marked his return with a wicket of the well-set Parthiv Patel. It was slow again, and thus, Parthiv couldn't clear extra cover

    15.3 Bravo to Patel, slower one, but he pounces on that! He finds the gap through midwicket and accomplishes his 50 with a boundary!

    15.2 Bravo to Stoinis, slower one, tapped on the offside, for a run

    15.1 Bravo to Patel, hit hard but smashes Stoinis at the non striker's end, that was nasty. They complete a single, however

  • 21:06

    118/3 after 15 overs

    14.6 Tahir to Stoinis, a touch short, and Stoinis flexes hisd muscles! That is huge!

    14.5 Tahir to Patel, tucked away to deep square, one run

    14.4 Tahir to Stoinis, waits for it as it's slower through the air, works it past point for a run

    14.3 Tahir to Patel, easy single taken

    14.2 Tahir to Stoinis, struck well but straight to long off, one run

    14.1 Tahir to Stoinis, straighter one, pushed back

  • 20:59

    108/3 after 14 overs

    13.6 Bravo to Patel, full toss, gives himself room and bisects the cover fielders, four runs!

    13.5 Bravo to Stoinis, slower ball, muscled away to cover, one run

    13.4 Bravo to Stoinis, good length on the pads, clipped away for a couple

    13.3 Bravo to Stoinis, good line and length, again blocked

    13.2 Bravo to Stoinis, calmly defended, no run

    13.1 Bravo around the wicket, Parthiv flicks for a single

  • 20:57

    Jadeja claims the wicket of Akshdeep Nath!

    Akshdeep Nath tried to get under a quicker, angled in delivery from Jadeja, but he only found the safe hands of du Plessis at deep midwicket

  • 20:51

    95/2 after 12 overs

    11.6 Tahir to Nath, hangs back and pulls, one run

    11.5 Tahir to Nath, dot ball, goes down the ground but only defends

    11.4 Tahir to Patel tossed up, driven to deep cover for a run

    11.3 Tahir to Patel, he takes him on, and slog sweeps one for SIX!

    11.2 Tahir to Patel, good length ball, almost crashes into the pads, dot ball

    11.1 Tahir to Nath, attempts the reverse, Bravo fields, one run

  • 20:51

    End of another Jadeja over - 86/2 after 11 overs

  • 20:42

    74/2 after 10 overs

    8.6 Tahir to Nath, sweep, misses, dot ball

    8.5 Tahir to Parthiv, another googly, one run

    8.4 Tahir to Nath, squares him up, catches the outside edge, they complete a single

    8.3 Tahir to Nath, brilliant length drawing the batsman forward, he blocks it, no run

    9.2 Tahir to Patel, googly, cut away for one run

    9.1 Tahirto Nath, confidently hit down the ground for one

  • 20:39

    Three runs off Jadeja's over. RCB are on 70/2 after 9 overs.

  • 20:34

    67/2 after 8 overs

    7.6 Bravo to Akshdeep, touch and run, one taken

    7.5 Bravo to Akshdeep, gorgeous! He just leans on that one and pierces the gap between extra cover and wide mid off, FOUR runs!

    7.4 Bravo to Parthiv, full toss, finds deep midwicket, one run

    7.3 Bravo to Akshdeep, back foot punch off a good length ball, one run

    7.2 Bravo to Parthiv, cover drives it, cover almost gets there, single

    7.1 DJ Bravo to Akshdeep, drifting down leg, flicked away in style, one run

  • 20:30

    de Villiers is gone!

    This is brilliant game plan from Dhoni, to bring the left arm spin of Jadeja.

    AB tried to clear long off, but Faf du Plessis stationed himself to take a brilliant catch.

  • 20:24

    49/1 after 6 overs

    5.6 Thakur to de Villiers, he's taking this on! THis was pitched up, and de Villiers stood his ground and hit through the line. four!

    5.5 Thakur to de Villiers, creamed through midwicket, four runs!

    5.4 Thakur to Parthiv, straying down the leg side, misses the opportunity to send another one beyond the boundary ropes, one run

    5.3Thakur to Parthiv, SIX! He loves a pull shot, does Parthiv Patel

    5.2 Thakur to de Villiers, DROPPED! What an effort from Faf! It was absolutely crunched off the back foot, and Faf, at covers, timed his jump to perfection and got a hand to it, but the pace of the ball saved the batter, one run

    5.1 Thakur to de Villiers, no run, punched to cover

  • 20:19

    33/1 after 5 overs

    4.6 Chahar to de Villiers, mistimed cut, one run

    4.6 Chahar to de Villiers, bouncer as a variaion, but way too high, wide ball

    4.5 Chahar to de Villiers, patted back to the bowler, dot ball

    4.4 Chahar to de Villiers, another similar delivery, but just a hint straighter, and de Villiers sends it all the way for SIX!

    4.3 Chahar to de Villiers, right on the money, defended well, no run

    4.2 Chahar to de Villiers, splendid line and length, swing and a miss

    4.1 Chahar to de Villiers, punched back to the bowler, no run

  • 20:15

    25/1 after 4 overs

    3.6 Thakur to Parthiv, oh yes! He's finally picked that one and sent it 10 rows back

    3.5 Thakur to de Villiers, one run, easily nodded away for a run

    3.4 Thakur to de Villiers, 2 runs, midfield at mid off

    3.3 Thakur to de Villiers, picked it from nowhere. Nothing wrong with the delivery, but he deposits that down the ground for four

    3.2 Thakur to de Villiers, great bouncer, batsman tries to hook but misses

    3.1 Thakur to Parthiv, goes for the slog again, mistimed, one run

  • 20:09

    2.6 Chahar to de Villiers, steps down and looks to attack, but finds midwicket

    2.5 Chahar to de Villiers, outswing again, struck well but straight to the man

    2.4 Chahar to de Villiers, full and wide, left alone

    2.3 Chahar to Kohli, he's GONE! That's the channel, the same outswing was reloaded, but this time on a better length where in he invited the batsman to drive

    2.2 Chahar to Kohli, unlucky, it was pitched up, it was swinging. Kohli's outside edge met the ball, four runs!

    2.1 Chahar to Kohli, big swing away, dot ball

  • 20:05

    7/0 after 2 overs

    1.6 Thakur to Parthiv, good length, Parthiv tries to pull it away but misses it, hits him high on the pads

    1.5 Thakur to Kohli, nudged to the leg side, they take a quick single

    1.4 Thakur to Kohli, good lenth, given a lot of width, Kohli throws everything at it but misses

    1.3 Thakur to Kohli, on middle and leg, glanced but straight to the fielder, no run

    1.2 Thakur to Parthiv, shorter ball, pulls it away but doesn't get the timing he would have preferred, one run

    1.1 Thakur to Parthiv, wider ball, swings hard, inside edge just misses the stump, dot ball

  • 20:00

    5/0 after 1 over

    0.6 Chahar to Kohli, off line, elegantly flicked off his pads for four! The typical Virat Kohli flick

    0.5 Chahar to Kohli, dot ball, this is accurate, express new ball bowling

    0.4 Chahar to Patel, yorker length, tapped to mid on, quick single taken

    0.3 Chahar to Patel, change up - this time it's the one that swings away. He misses the ball

    0.2 Chahar to Patel, brilliant display on inswing, flicked away but straight to short midwicket , no run

    0.1 Deepak Chaharto Parthiv, significant amount of inswing, driven back to the bowler, dot ball

  • 19:50

    Hello and welcome to Deccan Herald's live coverage of the game between RCB and CSK at the M Chinnaswamy.

    MS Dhoni has won the toss and elected to field first, leaving Kohli with the job of setting a total and defending it for the umpteenth time this season.

    The headline changes include DJ Bravo and Ab de Villiers, who are both back for their respective sides.