Discipline is for everyone: Navjot Singh Sidhu amid fissures within party over holding rally without discussion

Asserting that he was going to the people to strengthen the foundation, Sidhu said it is a fight of ideology for the resurrection of Punjab.
Last Updated 11 January 2024, 10:53 IST

Chandigarh: Amid a section of party leaders seeking disciplinary action against him for holding individual rallies, Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on Thursday said discipline is for everyone, adding it cannot be one thing for a few and something else for the rest.

Sidhu, who met Punjab Congress affairs in-charge Devender Yadav, stated that his public meetings were scheduled prior to the former's three-day visit to the state.

The cricketer-turned-politician asserted it is everyone's responsibility to take the party's ideology to the people.

Before going to meet Yadav, Sidhu posted a cryptic video message on X, saying spineless leaders who cannot stand for what is right are now talking big.

He though did not name anyone in his sarcastic video message, but the post appeared to be targeting his detractors within the party.

"The people, who sold themselves for every penny. The people, who were on their knees after making compromises. Let's talk about banyan trees, the people growing in pots. ('kaudi kaudi bikey hue log, samjhauta karke ghutno pe tike hue log. Bargad ki baat karte hain, gamle me uge hue log'),"said Sidhu.

When asked for whom his post on X was meant, Sidhu said the 'public knows everything'.

After many Congress leaders sought action against Sidhu for holding rallies without consulting the state unit, Yadav had on December 9 said that he would speak to the former cricketer.

After meeting the party's Punjab affairs in-charge on Thursday, Sidhu said that he was going to the people to propagate the Congress' ideology and connect the workers with the party's inheritance.

"In a democracy, the people are the biggest strength and it is the duty of everyone to take the Congress ideology and consider the high command supreme. We will follow it," said Sidhu.

"But how one will vote for you without telling anyone that what is to be done for Punjab. We will have to reinvent ourselves (party) and change," he asserted.

Sidhu further said the Congress cannot stand back on its feet without the workers, who are the party's foundation.

Asserting that he was going to the people to strengthen the foundation, Sidhu said it is a fight of ideology for the resurrection of Punjab.

When asked whether he will continue to hold his rallies, Sidhu said that his public meeting programmes were scheduled before Yadav's visit to the state.

"I spoke to him (Yadav) and told him that my programmes were fixed beforehand. Had I known that there was a meeting (of Punjab affairs in-charge), why the rally was planned for January 9?" asked Sidhu.

"We are also Congress workers. Why anybody has an objection?" he asked.

Sidhu has held three rallies, including two in Bathinda and one in Hoshiarpur, without consulting the state unit.

The former Punjab Congress chief said that he has a programme of holding another public meeting on January 21 and going to Kartarpur Sahib on January 24.

"I told Yadav that discipline is for everyone. It cannot be one thing for a few and something else for rest of the people," said Sidhu.

"When communication breaks then doubt arises. Now with Yadav, the string of contact is tied. Where there is communication, confidence will automatically arise. It is good for everyone to work together," he added.

Responding to a poser on the party's alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Sidhu said he will accept what the high command decides in the interest of the country and for saving democracy.

"There can be differences of opinion and the Congress allows it. We have put forth our opinion before Rahul Gandhi," he said.

Several Congress leaders are opposing any alliance with the AAP for the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

Later in his tweet, Sidhu said the Congress embodies service, integrity and courage to say the truth with moral authority unlike those who see politics as a profit venture.

"The true Congressmen champion service, not self-interest. In Punjab the battle is between those who treat politics as transactional business and those who stand with vision, policy and justice for the future generations of Punjab!! Rekindling this passion within our rank and file is the only way to revive the 'Grand Old Party' and 'Punjab' !! The fight is ideological not personal !!," he said in a post on X.

(Published 11 January 2024, 10:53 IST)

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