Crores of rupees being spent to malign my team: Anna

Last Updated : 24 November 2011, 15:20 IST

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In his latest blog posting, Hazare said he has heard that "crores of rupees have been spent" for launching a malicious campaign against his team by those who are against the movement.

"Who is controlling from behind the faces who are all doing this? From where the funds are coming for such activities? There are many such questions," he said.

Despite clarifying things whenever doubts were raised, he said the accusations are repeated through different medium time and again and now he began to feel that it is done deliberately to distract attention from Jan Lokpal bill.

"As we are fighting for the larger interest of the country, we have now decided not to respond to such accusations as those working against me and my team wants cheap publicity," he said.

He said the team was keenly watching the winter session of Parliament as government has promised that it will pass the Jan Lokpal Bill in this session. "This is not only important for us but also for those crores of Indians who had came to support...At any cost, our attention should not be diverted and so we have to be alert. For that, I and my colleagues are united," he said in an apparent reference to the recent outbursts of his ex-blogger Raju Parulakear against Team Anna members.

"This issue is very important for the future of the nation. Some people having vested interests are against this. It is also evident that various forces are also working in various forms against it.

"Since the agitation has started, efforts have been made to divert people's attention by levelling allegations of corruption against my team, to create differences between me and my team and to create rumours about the agitation and us," Hazare alleged.

The amount of support and reaction we are getting from the people in the country or from abroad is the proof that their "malicious efforts" are not bearing any fruit, he claimed.

"All the work  related to this movement is being take care off by my colleague Arvind Kejriwal's organisation 'PCRF' since the beginning. "Since our movement doesn't have a bank account, all the money collected during the agitation was deposited in the account of PCRF.

"PCRF has asked me to join them but I don't think that I have to join every organisation that have supported our movement. Also, I don't like it. Out of Ralegan Siddi, I am not a member of any organisation and it's not necessary for a worker like me. The whole movement is transparent. We dont' have any difference of opinion on the issue and have said this many times," he claimed.

Published 24 November 2011, 15:20 IST

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