Black soot-like layers float on Bellandur Lake

Last Updated 29 October 2018, 02:38 IST

Residents in and around Bellandur Lake were in for a shock on Sunday after they found black silt and soot-like layers floating on the 910-acre waterbody.

The residents pointed out that the lake looked extremely dirty on Sunday when compared to any other days. The residents and members of Whitefield Rising said the lake looked scary.

“The lake is mostly frothing. But on Sunday instead of the froth, there were the black layers. We have no idea what these black effluents are. We are seeing it for the first time. It was visible on the defence side of the lake and even near the HAL side, towards the old run away,” said a member of Whitefield Rising.

Shonali Singh, a resident and member of Citizens Watch Group, said the black layer was visible towards the army land side till the apartment complexes.

“The lake is also looking dry in some parts. It could be because of the ongoing works and diversion of water. This is all the more dangerous as it can lead to further encroachment,” she said.

Industrial effluents

The residents pointed out that the black effluents could be raw sewage or industrial effluents. Some said it could be the effect of the increased construction activities.

They also feared that it could be inflammable substances, which could have an adverse effect as the weather is dry.

Bangalore Development Authority Commission Rakesh Singh told DH the matter was brought to his notice.

He said the BDA and pollution control board officials would inspect the waterbody, and promised to take action to protect the waterbody.

(Published 28 October 2018, 18:25 IST)

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