Can men's perfume lure this elusive man-eater?

Last Updated 17 October 2018, 13:52 IST

The forest authorities are trying an unusual trick in desperation— using Calvin Klein perfume Obsession to trap a man-eating female tigress in Maharashtra.

The officials have tried and exhausted all traditional methods to capture the tigress, known as T-1, and her cubs, who have terrorised thousands of farmers and villagers in the past few months.

From using goats and horses as tiger bait, to organising armed police patrols, they have tried it all. The wily she tigress has eluded 24-hour surveillance and multiple cameras.

Officials have now bought bottles and bottles of Obsession for Men, the Calvin Klein fragrance that contains civetone, derived from the scent glands of civet cats, and known to drive the big cats crazy (and women too, the company hopes!). The cologne has reportedly proven remarkably alluring to jaguars.

While the efficacy of this method has not been proved yet, here are some other ingredients used in beauty products that might just attract some unwanted attention.

Bee venom

In the UK, Kate Middleton, married to Prince Williams, swears by this. It is supposed to rejuvenate skin and repair damaged cells. Bee venom is what is released when a bee stings you and its smell attracts other bees. Talk about spreading the buzz!

Snail slime

Snail slime helps pigmentation and sun spots, while also smoothening the skin and regenerating damaged facial tissue. Snails also attract hedgehogs, newts, toads and some birds, which are beneficial for your garden. But this goo is expensive — when used in cosmetics that is.

Honey extract

Does anyone have trouble with a rogue bear anywhere? We can lend some body lotion.


Blackberries are used in products as they are supposed to improve the skin’s elasticity. The plants attract butterflies, bees and bears; you might want to avoid a blackberry-infused lotion while on a hike.


Beer is good for your hair and this is a liquid proven to attract the males of the human species in large numbers.


They say it removes body odour. And Koalas love eucalyptus leaves. Maybe one will run up to you and give you a hug — we are trying this one for sure!


Rumoured to increase your hair volume but we would rather use a bamboo-infused shampoo to see if we can get ourselves a Panda or two.

(Published 17 October 2018, 12:28 IST)

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