Five Bengaluru churches you should visit for Christmas festivities

Here's a look at the churches in town that you can visit to soak in the true Christmas spirit
Last Updated 24 December 2020, 11:36 IST

Christmas is a festival celebrated by Christians across the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. The festival of joy, however, attracts people of all faiths to revel in the festivities - the Christmas trees, the decorations that adorn it, and the lights that dazzle entire neighbourhoods and cities.

Christmas is in 2020, more than ever, arguably the most anticipated event in a year that has been ravaged with fires, floods, deaths of beloved celebrities, and most evidently the Covid-19 pandemic and the virus-induced lockdown.

While the Christmas festivities that carry aplomb across the world are a common sight, there are some exceptions. Bengaluru, thankfully, is not one among them. On Christmas eve, we take a look at the churches in city that you can visit to soak in the true Christmas spirit:

1. Saint Mary's Basilica

Established in 1882, Saint Mary's Basilica is one of Bengaluru's oldest churches and lies at the heart of Shivajinagar. Christmas festivities, although relatively sober, are attended by scores of tourists and worshippers, making it the city's most iconic church. It is also the only recognised minor basilica in the city.

2. Saint Mark's Cathedral

Saint Mark's Cathedral, set up much earlier in 1808, is located in the middle of the city, on the intersection of MG Road and the road that took the church's name, Saint Mark's Road. The timeless church sees comparatively lesser visitors year-round but is by no means any less iconic. With its architecture inspired by Saint Paul's Cathedral in London, the church's long hallway and the dome-shaped roof leave many awestruck.

3. Saint Patrick's Church

Saint Patrick's Church, like its peer mentioned above, is also located in the city's bustling Central Business District (CBD) and is one of the easiest churches to access given its presence on Brigade Road. Christmas celebrations at the 179-year old church are attended by people of all faiths, ensuring that the church is usually filled with six times the number of its 550-seat capacity.

4. Holy Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Church was set up in 1851 for the British regiment situated right opposite to it. The Church is located at a key junction on MG Road; Trinity Circle, takes its name from the church. Christmas festivities in the military church, which can accommodate 700 people, is an event that one must definitely witness.

5. Infant Jesus Church

The Infant Jesus Church, also known as the Infant Jesus Shrine, was set up much more recently in 1971. One of the very few Roman Catholic churches in town, it is located in Vivek Nagar, near the predominantly Tamil locality of Austin Town. A visit to this church is recommended for those living far away from the centrally-located churches or if those churches are too crowded.

(Published 24 December 2020, 10:05 IST)

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