On poll day, citizens to manage traffic in Indirangar

Last Updated 09 November 2018, 11:39 IST

The residents of Indiranagar are setting an example by involving themselves in managing the traffic when the police are busy with the poll work.

Two residents from the locality have volunteered to help the police.

Geetha and Vikram Narayan managed the peak-hour traffic on Friday evening.

Geetha Lakshmi, a mother of a teenager, is also a general manager in a private company, who takes care of about 60 employees of the firm.

When she heard from police officers that they required citizen volunteers to manage traffic on May 11 and 12, the polling day, she immediately jumped to volunteer.

Wearing her NCC uniform, she managed the heavy traffic coming from the Domlur flyover near the New Horizon School during peak hours on Friday.

“One of the officers gave us tips to manage traffic,”
she said.

“I have been staying in Indiranagar for about 40 years. Now I realise how our cops struggle to make things easy for us, day and night,” she said. Vikram Narayan, a resident of the area since 70’s, managed the traffic in 6th Main.

“Today was the first time that I tried my hands with this and I could understand how difficult it is for a traffic cop to regulate,” he said.

He also said that some residents have been designated as traffic wardens in the

A senior traffic police in Indiranagar said: “We have a WhatsApp group where we are actively involved in helping out the residents. When we asked if anyone was interested in the activity as most officers were on the poll duty, people have come
forward to volunteer.”

“Instead of sitting at home and cribbing about the things we do not have, I just thought I should do my bit when there is a need,” said

(Published 11 May 2018, 19:09 IST)

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