‘Pound is designed for all fitness levels’

Cliszma DaCosta introduced pound fitness to India, which combines cardio and rhythmic techniques
Last Updated 16 February 2020, 14:23 IST

Cliszma DaCosta from Goa is among the first to introduce Pound fitness to India. Pound fitness is a combination cardio and weight training exercise approach that includes some of the rhythmic techniques used in pilates.

Though Cliszma’s love for dance and movement began when she was just 12, she discovered her inclination for this form of fitness only much later. After getting a licence from Edinburgh, United Kingdom, she is now focussing on popularising this form, saying that it helps improve focus, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety and fatigue.

In the city to participate in ‘Fit Bengaluru 3.0’, Cliszma takes some time off to chat with Metrolife about this new form of exercise and how it gained popularity.

How did you get interested in Pound fitness?

In 2015, I came across a Facebook video on this approach and felt an instant connect. I loved the vibe of the workout and how it inspires one to unleash their inner rockstar. One of the greatest aspects of Pound is the community spirit it promotes.

How popular is it in India, especially in Bengaluru?

As the world’s only cardio-jam session, it has a fast growing community across the globe. It was launched in India in September 2017 and is now gaining a lot of momentum with training being held in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

What kind of workout does it involve?

Instead of just listening to music while working out, we become one with it in this full-body workout. It combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Using ripstix — lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising — Pound transforms drumming into an
effective way of working out.

Is it suitable for women and men?

Pound is designed for all fitness levels and is easily modifiable, with the alternative vibe and welcoming philosophy appealing to men and women across all age groups and abilities.

What kind of people do you train?

Everyone — young and old, male and female, beginners and athletes, seated in chairs and wheelchairs, specially challenged and so on. Before the first beat of the warm-up drops, we create a space for participants to define what pound is for them.

What are the benefits of such an exercise?

Numerous studies have proven the brain-boosting, stress-relieving effects of drumming. The rhythm of drumming permeates the entire brain to improve focus, increase higher-level thinking and decision-making skills, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, decrease chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue. You will burn up to 900-plus calories per hour, and also improve your rhythm, timing, coordination, speed, agility, endurance and musicality.

How has Pound shaped your personality?

When I learnt to move fiercely at the age of 12, behind locked doors, I felt unstoppable. Every part of my body came alive. At the age of 17, while in Spain for a youth convention, I led a crowd at a music concert. That was the day I realised that I could inspire simply through movement. Owing to my talent in singing, acting and dancing, I also got the role of ‘Isabel’ in the National Film award-winning Konkani movie ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’.

(Published 16 February 2020, 14:18 IST)

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