Trust organises event to laud wives of Kannada poets

Premaleela Siddaramaiah, wife of S G Siddaramaiah, was felicitated at the event
Last Updated 03 March 2019, 15:14 IST

KS Narasimhaswamy Trust, Bengaluru, organised an event ‘Ninnolumeindale’ last Saturday, as part of Women’s Day celebrations. They called it ‘Kavipatni Dinacharane’.

The event honoured the wives of poets who stood by their husbands and supported their family. Premaleela SG Siddaramaiah, wife of well-known Kannada poet S G Siddaramaiah, was honoured this year.

Well-known music director Hamsalekha; K S Narasimhaswamy Trust’s president Narahalli Balasubrahmanya; Vice Chancellor of Karnataka Samskrit University Padma Shekar; Premaleela Siddaramaiah; general secretary of the trust and vocalist Kikkeri Krishnamurthy and Narasimhaswamy’s family members were present at the event.

A book about Premaleela Siddaramaiah, who was awarded the title of ‘Ninnolumeindale’, was also launched on the occasion. It spoke about her struggles and achievements and explained why she deserved the award.

“It is a known fact that there is always a woman behind a man’s success. We realised the need to honour the people behind them,” said Narahalli Balasubrahmanyam, explaining the concept of ‘Kavipatni Dinacharane’.

About Narasimhaswamy and his poems, Balasubrahmanya adds, “Narasimhaswamy knew the importance of family and hence attributed elements of nature to different people in a family. He visualised the Earth as the mother, sky as the father and humans as children.”

The event was organised in remembrance of Venkamma, Narasimhaswamy’s wife. It highlighted how Narasimhaswamy always portrayed women in a strong light in his poems.

Mekhala Venkatesh, the granddaughter of K S Narasimhaswamy and Venkamma, recalled her memories of spending time with the couple.

“My grandmother got married into the family when she was 14. Since then, she has stood by our Ajja and managed the house. Even during moments of financial crisis, not even once did they leave each other’s side,” she said.

The event did not just celebrate the selfless service of wives but also raised a serious question about why men did not encourage their wives in a similar manner. Narahalli Balasubrahmanya called it a side effect of the “patriarchal society we live in.”

Premaleela Siddaramaiah also shared her thoughts about the function.

“I have received awards earlier along with my husband. But, this is the first time I am receiving one separately and it feels nice,” she said.

Poet Siddaramaiah recited a few lines of a poem he had penned about his wife. “I have never been this happier in my entire life. Senior poet Chandrashekhara Kambara’s wife was honoured the previous year and the fact that my wife is receiving the same award this year, brings me joy,” he said.

About K S Narasimhaswamy Trust
The trust was formed in November 2016. Started under the leadership of Narahalli Balasubrahmanya, the trust has taken to many events relating to Kannada literature and music. The organisation now plans to come up with a theme park in Kikkeri. The park will have elements from KS Narasimhaswamy’s poems. The trust is also planning to convert the 105-year-old house of the poet into a museum.

(Published 03 March 2019, 11:19 IST)

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