Want to collaborate with AR Rahman: Yung Raja

The Singaporean artiste known for his bilingual rap recently released the single ‘The Dance Song'
Last Updated 23 October 2020, 18:42 IST

Yung Raja has made his debut as a musician in 2018, when he released ‘Mustafa’. He recently signed to Def Jam South East Asia of Dem Jam Recordings, the label behind Nas, 2 Chainz, Ludacris and Iggy Azalea among others.

All set to become a global sensation, he hasn’t forgotten his Tamil roots. His latest single ‘The Dance Song’ is a lyrically and visually captivating song that features rap in both, Tamil and English. References to Tamil cinema, cuisine and pop culture, dosa, and even the billionaires of India also feature in this colourful track. Metrolife caught up with the rapper to find out more about the song, rapping in Tamil and more:

You rap in Tamil and English. How discerning is the audience to the language in Singapore?

I am very fortunate to have people listening to my music, despite what their mother tongue is. In a bilingual nation like Singapore, I’d say the audience is very discerning!

You had a decade-long career as a child actor, and now you are a rapper. What motivated you to make that switch?

My motivation was my best friend Fariz Jabba. He always believed in me. For the longest time growing up, I was feeling stuck in the acting industry here in Singapore. Pursuing music was like a breath of fresh air.

Any plans to go back to acting?

Absolutely! It is my first love. I cannot wait to be on a set again. I am just waiting for the right opportunity.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Drake, Travis Scott, Sid Sriram and notorious BIG, to name a few.

Any Indian artistes?

Sid Sriram, AR Rahman, Prabh Deep, HipHopTamizha are some of my inspirations. I’d love to collaborate with Rahman someday; that’d be a dream come true.

Do you have any special plans for India?

There’s a special place in my heart for India. I can’t wait to be back there after everything settles down. I wish to collaborate with more artistes there and visit more often too.

Tell us more about ‘The Dance Song’.

It’s intended to make you smile, laugh and forget about all that weighs heavy on you in those three minutes you spend watching the video. ‘The Dance Song’ is a project we made to spread more joy and positive vibes.

Projects in the pipeline...

We have some things in store, can’t say more... stay tuned!

(Published 23 October 2020, 18:39 IST)

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