Level playing field sought for both domestic and foreign companies

Last Updated : 17 July 2010, 18:05 IST
Last Updated : 17 July 2010, 18:05 IST

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"Anybody will pull out a chair for a person wearing a suit and a tie. It is our own, those wearing "Chaddis" that are being left out," Venkatramanappa said. The SSI Minister made the observation in light of the successful Global Investors Meet (GIM) which has attracted a lot of interest from outside the country, but fewer from within. "These MNCs will come, make their profits and go back to their own nations. Whereas the home grown entrepreneurs will be left out," he said.

At the felicitation ceremony for the Exporters in the State for the year 2007-08 and 2008-09, Venkatramanappa hoped that the Director of Industries and Commerce and the Minister will pay a little more "attention" towards the home grown manufacturers.      

On the issues related to land acquisition for the MNCs in the State, Venkatramanappa was critical of the fact that many a farmer has been "muscled" out of the land acquired for the large scale manufacturers.

"We should acquire land from those farmers who willfully part with their possessions rather than acquire it by issuing notices. Farmers need to be taken into confidence before embarking upon a land acquisition spree," he said.

He alleged that the KIADB was not implementing the reservation policy in acquired land for the SSIs in the State. “While there is a provision of 25 percent reservation among the acquired land by the KIADB, it is not being implemented on the ground,” he said.  

Barren land

In his defence, Minister for Large and Medium Scale Industries Murgesh Nirani said as per the CM’s directions the land acquired by the KIADB was mostly barren and not fertile.
“As much as 95 percent  of this land which has been acquired is after consultation with the farmers,” he said.

Nirani further gave hope to his counterpart from the SSI department by stating that he will assure that 30 percent reservation will be implemented for the SSI entrepreneurs.  

The two companies which won accolades for its overall performance were Infosys Technologies Limited and the Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL). The awards ceremony saw as many as 48 companies awarded the Gold and Silver export excellence awards for the years 2006-07 and 2008-09.

‘Another 50,000 acres of land to be acquired’

Lowering the expectations of the People and the State Government over the realisation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed at the Global Investors Meet (GIM), Minister for Large and Medium Scale Industries, Murugesh R Nirani said that the Government was hoping that they will get atleast 55 percent of the promised sum.

 “Generally, there has been a trend in the State that such events will realise 30 to 40 percent of the investment promises. Due to the reputation of the companies that have signed the MoUs we are expecting at least 55 percent of the commitments to be converted into investments in the State,” said Nirani.

The Minister further added that as much as 80,000 acre of land has been acquired by the KIADB as a land bank for companies who will shortly come forth to invest in the State. “As per the directions of the CM, we are planning another 50,000 acre of land acquisitions in the second phase to create a land bank for the anticipated investments in Karnataka,” he said.

Published 17 July 2010, 18:05 IST

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