Sufficient water in Chiklihole dam instils hope

Last Updated 24 March 2019, 18:40 IST

Chiklihole dam near Rangasamudra which has sufficient water reserves has bought hope to the people this summer.

As the water level in River Cauvery has come down, villages in Kushalnagar have been facing an acute shortage of drinking water. Water is supplied through tankers at various residential layouts in Kushalnagar.

Even though the Water Board has created temporary bunds across River Cauvery near Baichanahalli pump house, it is difficult to fulfil the requirement of 28 lakh litres of water in the region. Adding to the problem, water has been polluted by waste released from the town and has posed a threat to the survival of aquatic animals.

About 100 cusecs of water is being released from Chiklihole dam to River Cauvery. In order to ensure proper utilisation of water, the deputy commissioner has warned of initiating action against agriculturists and industrialists who lift water from the river.

Chiklihole which is surrounded by thick forests and coffee plantations is also a tourist attraction. Last year, water in the dam had dried up completely. But this year, there is sufficient storage of water, which has provided relief to nearby villages.

Chiklihole dam with a height of 72.6 metres has a storage capacity of 0.183 TMC. Currently, the level of water stands at 0.125 TMC.

The dam at its full capacity can irrigate 865 hectares of agriculture land.

(Published 24 March 2019, 16:35 IST)

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