Kaliyata Mahotsava in Kasaragod

Kaliyata Mahotsava in Kasaragod

The annual ‘Kaliyata Mahotsava’ will be held at Kanattur Sri Nalvar Daivasthana, Kanattur, Muliyaru, Kasargod from December 29 to January 2.

Addressing reporters in Mangaluru on Thursday, daivasthanam trustee K P Balaraman Nair said that the annual Kaliyata festival is held on all the five nights between December 29 and January 2.

Thousands of devotees from various parts of Karnataka and Kerala are expected to take part in the event, he said.

Balaraman said that the annual event will take to the start with the arrival of ‘Bhandara’, the asset from Moolasthana on December 29 afternoon. The kola of various daiva will be held from December 30 to December 1.

The Utsava will culminate with the returning of Bhandara on January 3 morning.

Kanattur daivasthanam is considered as the temple of justice. The daivasthanam is situated at a distance of 20 km from Kasargod city and is at the heart of Muliyaru village. The daivasthanam has a history of eight centuries and is currently administered by Kanattur Pudukodi Nayar Taravadu family.

The deities of Shaiva and Vaishnava sects are revered in the form of Nalvar daiva and Irvar Bhoota here. Another specialty of the place is that people from various religions and caste identities offer prayers the daivasthanam and make pledges.

Daivastham trustees K P Mohanan Nair, K P Pavithram Nair and K Ganagadhar were present in the press meet.