Landslide blocks Bisile Ghat Road

Landslide blocks Bisile Ghat Road

Huge logs have accumulated on the road near Chowdamma Gudi at Bisile.

The Bisile Ghat Road, which connects Subrahmanya and Mangaluru, has been blocked due to the accumulation of huge logs of trees following landslide and flood.

Chowdamma Gudi has been damaged and the movement of vehicles on the road is affected.

The residents of Subrahmanya are carrying out restoration work by clearing the logs. More than hundreds of people have joined hands in this operation. The Forest Department personnel too have extended a helping hand. The huge logs were cut using machines. The debris on the road was cleared using an excavator.

The logs are accumulated on the road and at a waterfalls nearby. The locals tracked the source of the tree logs at a forest above the hills seven km away from the road.

According to the people, many trees have been uprooted due to the flood. A landslide has occurred in around two acres of land. The bridge nearby has also been damaged.

The Bisile-Sakaleshpur-Hassan-Bisile-Shanivarasanthe-Holenarasipur Road was recently opened to the public. The road connects provides a link to Bengaluru-Arkalgud-Ramanathapura.

Trees have been uprooted in more than 20 locations at Kulkunda Gate-Bisile Road. Hence, the road connectivity has been lost.

Frequent landslides have caused fear among the people in Galibeedu, Mayilakote, Kadamakallu and Kuttibare areas lying in the foothills of Pushpagiri hill range.

The water from the rivers in the region has turned slushy and the floodwater is carrying mud and tree logs with it. The debris is flowing towards the residential areas. Many families have moved to their relatives' places.

Deveragadde and Manadau in Kumaraparvatha range have also experienced landslides. Connectivity has been cut as several bridges have been washed away.