Go easy on the pocket with 'use-and-throw' fashion

Last Updated : 15 June 2012, 13:36 IST
Last Updated : 15 June 2012, 13:36 IST

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Who says fashion trends originate only on the ramps of Milan, Paris or India? Trends are born in the streets of many cities. Street fashion is something that is growing more and more popular with each passing day and Bangalore is no stranger to this. Take a walk down Brigade Road or Commercial Street and you will be surprised at the flashes of style and colour!

In a country like India where you are restricted to what you can wear when you go out on the streets, street fashion allows you to experiment, be a little whacky and take risks while still looking ‘decent’. Wearing stockings with hot pants or a spaghetti top inside a deep v-neck shirt lets you dress in your own style while not looking ‘vulgar’.

This kind of trend lets you make bold choices that actually pay off and are appreciated by many. The best part being, since it isn’t aimed at a particular clientele, there is something for everybody here.

Anything you want can be found at affordable prices. The items found here have value for money, and are practical to wear, making street fashion the favoured choice for the youngsters of this city.

Looking for a party dress or a good pair of jeans but short on cash or your mom isn’t agreeing to fund your clothes (she thinks you already have way too many of them)?
no problem.

Just hit the streets. Clothes found in these shops are not so expensive and very much within a college student’s budget. They fit perfectly and gives the individual a unique style which compliments his/her personality.

Many teenagers agree that when they go out to buy these items, they know it won’t last too long. They’re happy to pay Rs 100 for a pair of flip flops and use it for six months, because they know that by that time, something much better would have come out.

Fashion is never constant, even on the streets. These shops are constantly updating to keep up with the current trends.   Every month there’s something new and fresh and it sticks around till a statement is made. When a particular item is a hit in the market everyone has it, the next month it dies down and something else replaces it but you will always see it coming back, improvised!

Take the owl pendant chain for example, it has been the reigning trend among teenagers the past few months. Many have it and the ones who don’t are still buying it. Bright coloured earrings, flip flops with butterflies or frogs on the straps, ballet shoes are some other fashion choices that seem to have made a big impact.

Apart from clothes and shoes, you can find innumerable shops selling bangles and earrings and other accessories. Since the latest rage seems to be getting multiple ear piercings or getting one on the nose, earrings are abundant.

It isn’t only the girls who have them, boys too have ear and eyebrow piercings as well. These earrings, toe rings and other accessories are funky and last a long while. And the real fun in hitting the streets and picking up your favourites is in the bargaining.

If you can live by the “use and throw” policy, then street fashion is for you!

Published 15 June 2012, 13:36 IST

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