Kurta vs sherwani: What should you go for?

Here's how you can choose between a kurta and a sherwani
Last Updated 04 December 2018, 10:30 IST

Indian events barely leave a gap between two festivals, occasions or wedding functions, leaving everyone scrambling to find the best ensemble in time. Even if men just have to browse among kurta pajamas and sherwanis, what one must go for among the two is an essential choice to make.

Men’s trendy garments change with each season, however, there are certain timeless designs. In ethnic menswear, the classic sherwani is one such item that’s all-time trendy. One of the reasons sherwani has become a successful men’s fashion dress is because it’s a favourite with many designers.

Though it is a very ancient garment associated with Mughal royalty, it has captured the eye of fashion experts in India and abroad due to its refined, royal silhouette and rich look. It’s usually fabricated from significant brocades (such as Banarasi), which come woven with stunning silver and gold work designs. They are available in rich hues of purple, green, red and cream and have a dashing cut and well-fitted look.

Kurta pajama is yet another ethnic fashion staple that, in recent times, has become something of a fashion statement. Specifically, jute and khadi kurtas in earthy shades of beige, brown and white have become extremely popular with the youngsters who like to wear it with jeans instead of pajamas. A North Indian variation of the kurta pajama is the Pathani suit. Though it is quite loose and comfy, it has distinctively broad shoulders that lend it an air of sophistication and class.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can decide between a sherwani and a kurta pajama:

Kind of event

Kurtas are ideal for celebrations and family festivities, while sherwanis are for your weddings or of those close to you. Whatever you choose, make sure to explore as much as you can while still being comfortable in your look.

Your partner’s outfit

Everything looks better when co-ordinated. Co-ordinated outfits look great in pictures and at the actual event, too. If your partner has chosen to wear a sari or a lehenga, a sherwani is perfect. Then again, a kurta pajama will run well with your co-ordinated looks if your better half one chooses to wear a salwar-suit or an anarkali.


If it’s a wintry evening, we propose you attempt donning a sherwani instead of a kurta pajama, which may be easygoing clothing. By putting on a sherwani, you would be killing two birds with a stone: you’ll be both dressing according to expectations and also keep yourself from freezing.

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(Published 04 December 2018, 10:30 IST)

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