What's in your shoe wardrobe?

How many pair of shoes a man should own? Aravind Maddireddy answers...
Last Updated : 10 June 2019, 19:30 IST
Last Updated : 10 June 2019, 19:30 IST

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Today’s man has an extensive wardrobe and is extremely fashion-conscious. Beyond the basic blacks and browns, seasons, trends, wardrobe and occasions play a major role in your shoe collection. Summer calls for bright moccasins, the winter chill begs for snug boots, the daily march to the office needs ever-classic formal Oxfords or derbies, evening parties need some livening up with shiny patent shoes or trendy brogues or classy wholecuts. Then there is the matter of sole, that authoritative click-clack of royal leather sole vs a comfort rubber sole that is good in any weather. And lastly, there is also the matter of individual style. Here are a few models every well-shod man should possess to be prepared for any occasion:

Wholecut Oxfords

Oxfords are the most timeless and classic shoes a man can own. Synonymous with businesswear and identified by their V-shaped lace opening, a pair of Oxfords are the hallmark of sophistication, considered as most elegant office shoe. Of the several varieties of Oxford shoes, wholecut oxfords are the epitome of class and elegance. Be it a full business suit or a formal trouser, a pair of well-crafted and well-matched wholecut oxfords elevate the style-quotient to the next level.

Dazzling derbies

Europe’s most loved shoes, derby shoes are possibly the most versatile of all the shoe styles in terms of fit & occasions to wear. If you are looking for a style that goes perfectly with your regular office wear as well as your unshaded jeans, no style can do better than a pair of brown derbies.

Solid brogues

This royal British style, brogues strike a perfect balance as a classic bridge between the traditional and modern in today’s age. The more the decorative pattern on the shoe, the less formal it is. Quarter and half brogue shoes that have lesser decorations can be used with formal trousers, while the highly decorative full brogues can be paired with jeans.

Snug boots

Another classic, a pair of Chelsea, chukka or Jodhpur boots pair excellently with every kind of wear available, be it suits, trousers, chinos or jeans. They are highly comfortable, and if used with a rubber sole, will last long in any kind of weather. The high-ankle boots like Chelsea boots are seasonal to winter, but low-ankle chukka boots are always in style and are a must.

Bright moccasins

If it is summer, it is moccasins! Characterised by the moccasin hand-stitch around the vamp on the front, and a wider foot opening, these shoes show off a little bit of ankle and are typically worn without socks. They come in bright suede variants as well as sober, soft leather variations, but be it any material, these are uber-casual and ultra-comfortable to wear. They are trendy, stylish, and they are every man’s must-have pair.

Comfortable loafers

This American classic staple that acts as a semi-casual footwear is slowly creeping into today’s modern offices as dress codes start veering towards semi-formal attires. They are extremely comfortable to wear with no lacing and paired with a light-weight rubber sole.

(The author is co-founder, Rapawalk)

Published 10 June 2019, 19:30 IST

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