The road ahead...

The road ahead...

The major cooking trends of 2019

Technology has made precise heat distribution and cooking possible with laser cookware.

Cooking has evolved from a basic necessity to a full-fledged culinary art in recent years. The enhanced efforts of technology with respect to cookware has further revolutionised the modern/ contemporary cookware industry and made way for new trends to emerge and flourish today. Here are a few path-breaking trends:

Mobile cooking units

The need to transform kitchens to maximise on its efficiency, productivity and convenience for the growing number of working professionals and homemakers has resulted in mobile cooking units like induction plates, hot plates, microwave ovens, cooktops, and more. These inventions have helped resolve issues like space constraints by offering a simpler setup with at par cooking results.    

Laser Heating Cookware

Technology has made precise heat distribution and cooking possible with laser cookware. The laser beam controlled with manual or automatic settings distributes optimum heat and precision, making healthy, quick and nutrition-rich food possible. The device used is connected to a beam splitter which cuts it in half using mirrors to focus on either side of the food being cooked. These laser beams are high intensity and hotter than average gas-powered stoves enabling food to be cooked in seconds.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

With the evolution of smart homes, kitchens have got a premium upgrade with technology-enabled appliances, cookware and accessories. Voice-controlled artificial intelligence tech and smart automated units assist individuals to not only cook with efficiency but also monitor and control their kitchen making multi-tasking and time productivity possible. Further development of voice-controlled remote devices; the likes of Google Assistant and Alexa are making futuristic concepts of remote functions and accessibility a trend of our present. One-pot cooking solutions with timers and heat sensors ensure healthy and delightful cooking for all transforming the traditional methods to new and quick solutions while keeping the taste intact. .