Beat the heat this summer

Beat the heat this summer

Here are some essential tips from Dr Sujit Paul to stay healthy & happy this summer

Summer is a time to relax and make merry, but the season also brings with it many ailments that we need to ward ourselves from. Heat and humidity are the first to affect our immune system and so also are digestion-related problems, skin problems and other seasonal infections. So, to be prepared in advance, here are some essential tips for you to avoid/fight diseases in summer:

Stay hydrated: 90% of the diseases can be dealt with if you have enough water in your body. Water gets pulled by the body fibres into our colon and this helps the body in creating softer and bulkier stool along with an easier passage without having any other troubles.

Fibre intake: Fibre rich food like grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits can increase our digestive tract and one can avoid the chance of constipation that can lead to a fissure.

Avoid fatty foods: It can affect your digestive process and also make you put on extra weight. It is advised to avoid intake of fatty substances during summer.

Limit caffeine: Intake of caffeine in summer can also affect the smooth functioning of your digestive system, which can further lead to problems like ulcer, acidity and heartburn.

Workout: Sweating can be really good as it helps you secrete out all the unwanted things from your body to stay fit and healthy. The more physically active you are, the better things are for you.

Dodge the sun: If possible, avoid staying under the sun for more than three hours and wear light cotton clothes.

Go for regular health check-ups: Often, we avoid going to the doctor and neglect the seriousness of certain symptoms, but it’s better to consult a specialist in case of health issues.

Many other problems arise due to summer heat like jaundice, typhoid and food poisoning, etc. It’s better to keep a close check on your eating habits as well as avoid exposure to sun. Little changes can make a lot of difference like avoiding outside food, skipping meals and opting for healthier alternatives for aerated drinks and alcohol, etc.

These small unhealthy habits may end up creating grave consequences for your body. They are best avoided.

 (The author is managing director, StayHappi Pharmacy)