Wild, wild styles for you...

Wild, wild styles for you...

The trend of using animal motifs in jewellery is on the rise right now...

Wearing animal motif jewellery is fun and you can make quite a statement with it.

Motifs have played an important role in the designing of jewellery. Natural motifs are widely used in the entire world. This time, jewellery designers have come up with animal motif jewellery. An expertly crafted piece of jewellery can capture the life-like qualities of animals such as butterflies, insects, fishes, panthers, owls, and many more. Such jewellery remains a perennial favourite, never seeming to go out of style.

Animal motif jewellery, in itself, is a unique concept buzzing in the fashion world. Whenever you style yourself with something different, you always stand out, and animal motif jewellery will help you achieve that attention. 

Wearing animal motif jewellery is fun and you can make quite a statement with it. Be it any season, if you open up your jewellery box, animal motif jewellery is something you always end up choosing. It often becomes hard to choose because there are many pretty designs available in this print. But you just have to make the right choice and decide on what really goes with your outfit and personality.

Here’s a handy guide that describes the four kinds of jewellery pieces with animal motifs you should invest in:


Brooches are trending right now; and animal motif brooches are a major hit these days. Brooches have been used by women and men both and there are many animal motif brooches designs available in the market. Since brooches are something that are easily visible, go for a subtle one. Bt if your attire is simple, you can choose an extravagant brooch.


Animal motif prints can work well with both traditional and western attire. Many beautiful rings and neckpieces are designed in the shape of an animal, making you look classy and unique as well. If you are bored of traditional and chunky rings, give rings with animal motifs a try. They will go with your traditional theme and yet make you look contemporary. Have you ever thought of a fish ring? A ring shaped in the form of a fish and encrusted with colourful stones can really uplift your attire. You can also wear it to your office parties.


A bracelet in the shape of a panther is very classy. You don’t really need an occasion to flaunt this. It’s super comfy to wear, too. Pair it with a simple silk kurta-palazzo set and you are good to go.


A butterfly neckpiece will look as pretty and colourful as all the butterflies. It may seem childish, but choose the right piece and your attire will be complete. If not an entire neckpiece, go for an animal motif pendant at least. A horse pendant is something which is really adorable and eye-catchy. Wear this with a crop top or an off-shoulder blouse so that it will accentuate your neck. 

(The author is owner, RESA Fine Jewellery)