City’s traffic woes turn meme fodder

City’s traffic woes turn meme fodder

A global survey finds Bengaluru has the worst traffic in the world, and triggers jokes

Anyone who has tried to navigate through Bengaluru knows that the traffic situation is quite abysmal. It turns out every person who has cursed at it has had a legitimate reason. As per the annual TomTom Traffic Index Bengaluru had the worst traffic congestion in the world in 2019, It was one of the four Indian cities in the top 10, as per the survey, which covered 416 cities across 57 countries.

The index found that an average trip in the city took 71 per cent more time to complete than it would if there were no traffic. This means it takes nearly 51 minutes to reach a destination that is half an hour away.

The congestion percentage was 65 per cent for Mumbai which ranked fourth, 59 per cent for Pune, which placed fifth and 56 per cent for New Delhi, which ranked eighth. Citizens took to social media to react to the revelation.



Things to do while stuck in traffic 

Listen to an audio book: No better time to work on that reading list of yours that you have been ignoring than when you are stuck in the middle of the road with nowhere to go. 

Listen to a podcast: It is a great way to learn something new, while staying entertained. 

Have a solo mini concert: Play your favourite songs, belt it out and pretend like you are performing at the Grammys. Make sure your windows are closed. 

Make a to-do-list: Instead of making a mental note and forgetting all about it until its too late, use the time to plan out your day.

Declutter your wallet: You don’t need that bill from the time you went out drinking with your ex.

Mental gymnastics: Carry a book of Sudoku or crosswords, and get your brain juices flowing. You can also end the exercise, with some light meditation.  

Retouch your makeup: If you were in a rush to get out of home, or you are on your way to meet some friends after a long day at work, no better time to reapply that mascara and lipstick.

Mini manicure: Use this time for some personal grooming. File and polish your nails, and maybe finish off the manicure with two coats of nail paint. Men, even you can try it. 

Make conversations: No, don’t take out your phone. Roll down your window, and start up a conversation with a fellow passenger. No better conversation starter than the woes of Bengaluru traffic.

Learn a language: Pick a language of your choice, and use this time you expand your life skills. You can download an app to help. 

Disclaimer: Please pay attention to the road when trying these activities. Don’t be the reason why there is traffic.

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