I changed 21 costumes for a song: Adhvithi Shetty

I changed 21 costumes for a song: Adhvithi Shetty

The film makes several references to Shankar Nag. For instance, the actress’ character hails from Nag’s hometown

Adhvithi Shetty

Adhvithi Shetty has been seen playing different roles in Sandalwood movies. But she says that commitment she had for her role in ‘Fan’, her latest, was like none other. 
From changing several costumes for a single song to perfecting her Uttara Kannada skills, she went out of her way for the Darshith Bhat directorial.

In a conversation with Metrolife, she talks about the film and more.

How has Sandalwood been to you?

From ‘Mr and Mrs Ramachari’ to ‘Dodmane Huduga’, I experienced something different with each film. The industry has taught me a lot and nurtured the actor in me.

How did ‘Fan’ happen?

I auditioned for the film in September along with more than a hundred other girls. I had sent photographs from a shoot in Western attire, and they needed someone who could play the role of a Karavali girl well. The team had overlooked my pictures, but the director remembered my performance at the audition. About a month later, I got a confirmation call and started shooting by November. All I can say is that it was destiny.

Tell us a bit about your character in ‘Fan’.

I play Shayari, a B.Com student in the film. She is a pampered child and a big fan of a TV actor (played by Aryan). She likes him and hopes that her future partner is like him. She is so attached to the actor that she cries when he cries on screen and stays hungry when he skips a meal in the serial. Shayari is a crazy fan and connects to him through social media.

Tell us a bit about the film.

There are several connections drawn to actor Shankar Nag throughout the film, including how Shayari hails from Honnavar. Though it has romance and comedy in it, it is not a rom-com. ‘Fan’ has a mixture of everything which people will enjoy.

How do you think ‘Fan’ will change your career?

After ‘Mr and Mrs Ramachari’, I feel this is the project which will put the spotlight on me. To get a film which will show how much potential I have in me as an actor is a blessing. A heroine-oriented film is hard to find, and I am glad I was able to work in it. This film is important to me as I was offered a lot of screen presence too. 

I was able to push my boundaries and dub in Uttara Kannada, which was quite hard. I was away from home for almost a month which can be quite a challenge. 

Any memories from the shoot of the viral song ‘Hi Hello Sir’. 

We shot for more than 12 hours for the song, and I sported around 21 costumes for the film (including my college attire). I can remember the light boys and other technicians keeping a count on the number of times I went for a costume change. My passion for cinema was truly tested and proved that day. My director was thoroughly impressed.   

How will the film connect with the audience?

Most film buffs are big fans of some or the other actor. For me, this film was important as I am a fan of Shankar Nag sir and so is the director of the film; ‘Fan’ is a tribute to him. The audience will love the movie for its content.


‘Fan’s Shankar Nag connection

The serial in which Aryan works is called ‘Geetha’ as a tribute to one of Shankar Nag’s film with the same name.

Aryan’s character is also a fan of the veteran actor. 

Adhvithi’s character asks Aryan’s character to come and shoot ‘Geetha’ at Honnavara.

More than 80 percent of ‘Fan’ has been shot in Honnavara which is Shankar Nag’s hometown.