Short film ‘Kartavya’ showcases importance of voting

Short film ‘Kartavya’ showcases importance of voting

Naveen (fourth from left) with the team of ‘Kartavya’.

Filmmaker Naveen Dwarakanath felt that he needed to do his bit to encourage and inspire people to vote for this coming election. His latest short film, ‘Kartavya’, urges people to vote. The protagonist is a traveller who embarks on a road trip and hands over small chits to those he meets and talks to them about why they should vote.

What inspired Naveen to work on such a subject? “I always wanted to do something for society using the visual medium. I wanted to make something that will leave a lasting impression on people. I wanted to get the message of the importance of voting across to those who don’t have access to social media, television or radio. That’s when I hit upon the idea of a traveller passing on a message by handing over small chits to people,” Naveen tells Metrolife. The film was completed in a week’s time. The video is interesting and has been shot in Virajpet, Keremane Estate and surrounding areas.

“We wanted a young face and found the perfect match in Sagar Jayaram, who hails from Mysuru. He suited the character and the flow of the script. The rest of the cast are natives of Virajpet,” adds Naveen.Through this short film, Naveen, wishes to tell people that there are other ways to reach important messages to people other than using the social media.

“Reaching out in person to people, especially those in the rural areas, lends a personal touch to the whole process. Here we have effectively used technology to tell people why they should vote,” says Naveen.