Prajwal looks up to dad Devaraj for wisdom, inspiration

Prajwal looks up to dad Devaraj for wisdom, inspiration

The actor says coming from a film background does not matter as it is the actor who should survive in the industry

(From left) Director Sri Narasimha, Producer Vikhyath, Actor Prajwal Devaraj, Devendra Reddy, Anoop Saleen and Raghu Mukherjee at the launch of the second teaser.

Vikhyath Chitra and Bagpipers Productions unveiled the second teaser of the Prajwal Devaraj starer ‘Inspector Vikram’ last week. Metrolife later caught up with Prajwal for an exclusive interview.

About the film ‘Inspector Vikram’

The film is a romantic action entertainer directed by Sri Narasimha. It is dear to me as I have never played a cop; he is naughty and very real. As I am someone who likes comedy, I am super excited.

How do you choose your scripts?

I am very specific when I choose my scripts. The entertainment factor is the priority, of course. I also do not to portray something wrong as right on the screen. As celebrities, we should careful when we play a role as we influence a lot of people. So, it is the entertainment factor, the right team and the concept that matter the most.

How important do you think it is to come from a film background?

It actually does not matter because it is you the audience should like and it is you who must survive. I think the only advantage is getting your first break. Since you are already acquainted with people in the industry, it gives you an edge.

Who are the actors you look up to?

My father Devaraj, Darshan and Puneeth Rajkumar are among the people I look up to. My father, not only for his talent but for the kind of human being he is. Darshan is like an elder brother; we share an emotional bond. I have been following Puneeth Rajkumar since the time I started acting; I have even gone to his sets and observed him work. I think it is important to have someone you look up to.

Which are your favourites among your father’s films?

‘Huliya’, ‘Lockup Death’, ‘Circle inspector’, ‘Golibar’ are some of my favourites though ‘Huliya’ tops it all.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

‘Inspector Vikram’, ‘Arjun Gowda’ and three other films I have signed. I indeed have an exciting line-up.