Souvenirs from my childhood

Souvenirs from my childhood

Actor Vasishta N Simha talks about strong tastes and habits that have remained with him since he was a little boy

There are a few habits from my childhood that remain with me. It is said that as one grows older, one tends to grow out of one’s childhood habits and tastes. I must be an exception because I still cling onto some of them.Some of my mischievous ways still remain. 

One thing that has remained constant is anger. I cannot get control of it and as a child I remember that I would beat up people. When I am angry, I get some kind of power. 
As a young boy, I used to love miniature cars and building models. I am still a collector of these two items. I don’t mind paying a huge sum to get the model of my choice. I can’t get enough of the demo versions of miniature cars. They still hold my fancy and fire my imagination.

As a child, I never relished oily food and dishes that have a strong smell. Even today, I detest these two things. This is precisely why I can’t eat non-vegetarian, even though I have had the opportunity to.

There are some things that I don’t compromise on and my food preferences are one of them. The only time I make an exception is when I have to eat eggs because it is an inevitable part of my fitness routine.

I have very strong and definite tastes when it comes to music. I remember that the first thing that I would do when I returned from school was to switch on the tape recorder and that habit continues. I began listening to Hamsalekha’s songs when I was 2. I have an exhaustive list of his songs.

When I am on a tight deadline and I have had very little sleep, I tend to listen to some crazy tunes that make no sense. This is done just to push myself. I have different songs for different moods. I am very particular about what I am listening to. I have an acquired taste for music.

I also have a list of my favourite songs on my phone and in the car. So I turn on the music system as soon as I get into the car.

Another person who has influenced my sense of dressing is actor V Ravichandran. It’s no exaggeration but I have all the clothes that he has worn in his movies.

I was particular I should buy the exact design that he wore in his films. I love black and sure I have a hint of it in everything I wear. I used to look forward to travelling to hill stations as a child and even today, I find the smallest excuse to escape to the hills.

I am intolerant to heat, so cool places are where I head to when the heat is unbearable.

What I dearly miss doing today is playing gully cricket and visiting my favourite eating joints in my hometown of Mysuru.

I used to also do a bit of gardening in my childhood in the space that we had behind our home.

In fact, my retirement plan is take to farming.

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