New comedy actor on the block

New comedy actor on the block

Actor Nanda Gopal’s debut movie is ‘Kahi’.

Actor Nanda Gopal is the new actor who made his debut as a comedian in Kannada cinema with ‘Kahi’. In a quick chat with Malini Raghu, he shares his journey so far in the industry.

Nanda took an interest in acting when he starred in a short film back in 2008, since then there is no turning back. “I didn’t dream of becoming an actor, but it happened. I am just an ordinary graduate who is passionate about acting,” he says.

The actor has starred in many short and pilot movies. He already has thirteen feature films under his belt, out of which five have hit the cinemas. ‘Manasina Mareyali’ is his latest release.

He has worked both in Kannada and Tamil cinemas. He says that there aren’t many differences between the two industries. He reasons, “The work atmosphere has been comfortable so far since I have mostly been working with new people like myself.”

The newbie looks up to famed comedy actors Dwarakish, Narasimharaju and Nagesh for inspiration. “I admire their spontaneity. They have played both comedian and hero roles; whichever role it may be, they do justice to it. Even now we remember their performances. I want to grow like that,” he notes.

He opines that the importance of a comedian’s role depends on the storyline, “Earlier, the comedy sequences wouldn’t sync with the movie, but that trend has changed. Now the comedians are given character roles, and I try to take up such roles as much as I can.”

He further adds, “I hope we are recognised not just as comedians, but also as actors.”

Nanda also had some interesting thoughts on the magnum opus KGF changing the scope of Kannada cinema. “At an award show two years ago, actor Yash said that people will recognise Sandalwood, and with KGF, he made those words come true. It is proven that Sandalwood can reach the global level if everybody is focused. Everybody is talented, it just needs to recognised,” he says.

The actor will soon be seen on the silver screen with Dharma Keerthiraj’s ‘Vivikta’ and Shiva Ganesh’s ‘Gatthu’. He also has many movies lined up.

“I have six more movies that have to release. I am just at the start of my career, and have a long way to go,” he signs off.