Summers in the balcony

Summers in the balcony

Since summer is here, it’s time to beat the heat and bring in elegance in our spaces. We all love to hang out in the open, and everyone loves a little bit of the outdoors in this season. Regardless of the space you have in your balcony, you can creatively craft the perfect venue for a morning cup of tea, an evening hangout or a candlelight dinner. But in general, space is limited and you would have to be on top of your game to dazzle your balcony in time for the summer socials.

Here are some ways you can enhance the liveliness of your balcony using simple furnishings and add-ons:

Go green 

Whether it is a planter box or a mini garden, a little bit of green will bring life to your balcony. Even if your space is limited, there are lots of designs you can pull off with some creativity. Using vertical gardens is one of the most innovative ways to incorporate some green without having to spend much effort on its maintenance. And, because a vertical garden is compatible with personal space and height, it should be a part of your balcony this summer.

Pouffe it up 

Your balcony space determines the type of furniture you can bring in. A general rule of thumb would be to avoid overcrowding a space while renovating or redesigning it. So, choose your furniture wisely to allow enough space for free movement.

Throw in some colourful pouffes with storage compartments that are great visually and save space too. One can also explore chair designs that blend in with your balcony theme. Using hammocks and swings are also an easy way out of the dilemma if you’ve got the space for it. Another great option is rocking chairs, which are perfect for any balcony setting to enjoy the summer breeze in the morning or the star-spangled sky at night.

For the mood 

Hanging lights impart a special effect to the balcony or patio space at night. Use light bulbs on strings to get the vintage look or place lamps on the table or on the ground to add some charm to your balcony. With so many options in the market, you can choose from pendant lights, ceiling lamps, and table lamps to varieties of floor lamps to enhance the look of your balcony at night.

Al fresco is in

Investing in a coffee table that will stand out and be the centre of attraction is always a good idea while doing up your balcony. If you’ve got enough space for a table, there is nothing that like open-air dining on a balmy evening. Also, using colourful or themed pillows on your seating arrangement can add that extra cushion of comfort to your outdoor experience. You’ll need cushions that are soft but also strong and weather resistant — throw pillows are a great choice.

So, waste no time in decking up your balcony for this summer. Throw in some chairs, a table or a couch with playful pillows and be summer-ready.


(The author is founder & creative director, Studio CREO)

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