20 passengers of Rajdhani taken ill after eating food

20 passengers of Rajdhani taken ill after eating food

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Around 20 passengers of the Delhi-Bhubaneswar Rajdhani were taken ill after eating meals served by railways on Sunday.

Railway sources said passengers fell ill after they consumed dinner supplied by railways, which was lifted from a base kitchen of catering contract, at New Delhi.

A railway spokesperson said doctors at Gomoh, Bokaro and Tata Nagar attended the passengers. Soon after the report of the incident, railway deputed one doctor to attended the passengers on the train and he travelled till the last destination.

"At Tatanagar also doctors will attend. All passengers are well. No one is detained. Pantry car is also being checked and food samples are collected to investigate the quality of food," the spokesperson said. The food sample has also been collected by the IRCTC, which is supervising the catering arrangements of railways.