Daylight daring robbery shocks Delhi

Daylight daring robbery shocks Delhi

In a daring daylight-robbery, a gang of six armed people, with masked faces, barged into a bank and shot dead a cashier, taking away Rs 3 lakh in the national capital on Friday afternoon.

The incident took place at the branch of Corporation Bank in Chhawla town, Southwest Delhi.

The robbery, which was captured by a CCTV camera, is first of its kind to place in the national capital in the last one decade.

Aware of the cameras at the bank, the criminals had covered their faces and one of them was wearing a helmet.

The 90-seconds footage, which went viral, shows that the robbers entering the bank and overpowering a security guard.

They then snatch his rifle and start beating him.

The robbers are also seen threatening customers and staff with revolvers and making them sit down at gun point.

One of the criminals stood with the security guard’s rifle at the bank's entrance blocking the entry.

According to police, the robbers held 16 people including 10 customers and six bank staff hostage.

They first tried to snatch money from bank cashier, Santosh. When he resisted, they shot two bullets at him.

The cashier was later rushed to a nearby private hospital, where he was declared brought dead.

Three others were also injured in the scuffling with the robbers, police said.

The police has also claimed that the robbers seem to have come from Najafgarh and Sonipet area.

One person has been arrested and the search is on for the other.