Modi using black money to buy votes: Mamata Banerjee

Modi using black money to buy votes: Mamata Banerjee

"You (Modi) are destined to be dethroned after the elections. Our government will prove what a big scam demonetisation was," the TMC supremo said. PTI File photo

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was using black money amassed through demonetisation to purchase votes. Her comments came days after Modi said that if the prime minister’s post was up for auction then Banerjee would have tried to buy it with the money accumulated through Saradha and Narada scams.

"Modi babu, you imposed demonetisation on the people of the country so that black money can be converted into white and used in purchasing votes. But you will never be able to buy the voters in Bengal," said Banerjee. She was addressing a rally in West Bengal’s Hooghly district.

Claiming that the BJP will definitely be ousted from power, the chief minister said that after the new government takes over, it will have revelled that demonetisation was a big scam.

"You (Modi) will definitely be ousted from power this time and after our government takes over it will be revealed how big a scam demonetisation was," said Banerjee.

She accused the BJP of importing guns and goons into West Bengal to disrupt peace and establish a reign of terror in the state.

"We have to ensure that the bid to vitiate the atmosphere in Bengal is foiled," said Banerjee.