West Bengal BJP divided over cow urine for coronavirus

Cow urine for COVID-19 becomes bone of contention in West Bengal BJP

A member of All India Hindu Mahasabha holds an idol of a cow after drinking cow urine during a gaumutra (cow urine) party, which according to them helps in warding off coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in New Delhi, India March 14, 2020. (REUTERS Photo)

Cracks are starting to appear in West Bengal BJP over the claim that drinking cow urine can cure novel coronavirus infection. The problem started with state BJP president Dilip Ghosh’s reaction with certain persons allegedly BJP workers distributed cow urine among some people in Kolkata claiming that it will protect them from the novel coronavirus.

Although Ghosh did not give a direct answer as to whether the activities of the group were authorized by his party but he said that there is nothing wrong in drinking cow urine. The outspoken politician also claimed that that drinking cow urine has been a tradition for ages and none have fallen ill because of it.

“I have no hesitation in admitting that I have consumed cow urine earlier and will again do so in future. It has been used for ages in religious rituals and none have been harmed because of it,” said Ghosh.

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He also said that some people think that drinking cow urine is good for health so they are distributing it among others and drinking it themselves.

“Some think that drinking cow urine is good for health. So they are distributing it among others and drinking it themselves. Those who were given cow urine were clearly told what it is and were never forced to drink it. What is wrong with that?” said Ghosh.

However, Union Minister Babul Supriyo had a different take on the matter. Responding to a twitter user who jokingly suggested him to drink cow urine to stay strong Supriyo stated that he does not do any such thing and those who promote it-drinking cow urine do it out of their own belief.

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Without naming Ghosh the singer-turned-politician also said that just by wearing saffron one does not become part of BJP.

“I don’t bro. Ones who do it or promote it do it from their own ‘personal’ beliefs. True, few donned saffron when doing it but all that’s Saffron is not @BJP4India Hon'ble PM Shri @narendramodi ‘Practically&Scientifically’ leading things from the front as a true Global Leader,” tweeted Babul Supriyo.

BJP MP Locket Chatterjee also said that such people to should stick to science for combating the novel coronavirus and should stay away from unscientific claims.