New schools may not get permission for 3 years

New schools may not get permission for 3 years

N Mahesh, Minister for Primary Education

The department of primary and secondary education is contemplating denying permission for setting up new private schools soon. This is being done in an attempt to improve the strength at government schools and regulate the private ones.

Following a review meeting with the officials of the department of primary and secondary education, Minister for Primary Education N Mahesh said they would look into the applications that the department has received and consider introducing stringent norms for approvals.   

The decision comes in the wake of dwindling admissions into government-run schools and mushrooming of several private schools across the state.

Officials in the department confirm that several of these schools that submit applications do not even meet the basic requirements that are mandatory for running schools.

The previous minister for primary education, Tanveer Sait, had said that the department would not grant permission for new schools for a period of five years.

According to statistics available with the primary education department, there are 261 primary schools in the state that have zero admissions. In all, 229 teachers have been appointed here. There are 57 higher primary schools with zero admissions.

The number of applications pending before the department for approval exceeds 2,000. According to top sources in the department of primary and secondary education, officials have sought freezing permission for at least three years.

In the past, the department has also granted permission for setting up of private schools in close proximity to government schools, affecting admissions to government schools.

Mahesh said, “The department is also contemplating bringing in rules to regulate the functioning of private schools.” On the poor infrastructure in several private schools, he said he would visit schools and take note of the lack of facilities.

This year, the department has received around 2,430 applications for setting up of new schools. The highest number comes from Bengaluru with over 500 applications.

Following a review meeting on Monday, the minister had said that the department would also look into regulating fees for private schools.