Why was Gabbar punished? UP cops' tweet on Covid-19

Why was Gabbar punished? UP cops' 'Sholay' twist on Covid-19 awareness

The Uttar Pradesh Police have an underlying objective behind the video and that is to warn the people against spitting in public places as it can spread Covid-19

'Gabbar Singh', the robber In Ramesh Sippy's Bollywood blockbuster 'Sholey', was punished for killing and looting the people. The Uttar Pradesh police, however, in a video have tried to convince the people that he (Gabbar) had been punished for spitting. Amjad Khan, who had played the role of Gabbar, is addicted to 'chewing tobacco' and is often seen spitting here and there.

The attempt, however, has an underlying objective and that is to warn the people against spitting in public places as it can spread Covid-19.

In an apparent bid to create awareness among the people about the issue, the UP police released an edited video of a scene in 'Sholey' in which Gabbar is seen spitting before starting to run with Thakur' (Sanjiv Kumar) chasing him on a horse. Gabbar is finally nabbed and then he is seen behind the bars. ''Gabbar ko mili kis baat ki saza'' (why was Gabbar punished?), reads the caption of the video. Apparently 'spitting'.

The video further says, ''spitting in public places can increase the risk of spread of Covid 19....it is a punishable offence...do not spit in public places''. Interestingly it says that the video has been released in 'jan' (life) interest. Usually, such ads say that it has been released in 'public interest'.

The video, which was uploaded on the official Twitter handle of the UP police, garnered a large number of views and likes and it was retweeted many times also.

It remains to be seen if the people are convinced about the claim by the UP police.